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Why do most fail in correcting the curve?

Why do most fail in correcting the curve?

I read that jelqing against the curve and plumped bends against the curve helps to correct the curve. But why do so many men report little or no success? Is corrective the curve unlikely? What’s the science behind it?

It’s a long and slow process. Like PE. I’m guessing it has been so gradual they don’t notice the difference.

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Hello Okish6er, That’s true. But I’ve also read alot that have done that for a year or even more but still all their efforts were in vain.

Like Okish6er says, it’s a gradual process. Firstly the curve may have come over 5-10 years so it’s probably not going to be fixed in 1. And like was said above, it may be so gradual that it takes a massive change to see anything.

19th Feb 2012

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