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Why do jelqs increase length?

Why do jelqs increase length?

I’ll admit it, I’m a disgrace to all PE brethren; I fully confess to wrongdoing: I hate doing stretches.

There is simply no contest between the laborious, mind-numbing tedium of the penile stretch and the blood gushing ecstacy of the noble jelq. To me jelqing is the main event, stretching a mere sideshow. My energies are invested in and focused on jelqing; whatever’s left over-if anything’s leftover-is spent on stretches.

The problem, of course, is that many claim stretching to be a vital part of any PE program, making mine deficient and left wanting. Why then would I continue to exclude consistent stretches from my routine? Simple, I’ve heard of people making impressive gains with jelqs alone. I’ve also read of some members applying a stretch at the end of the jelq, thus killing two birds with one stone: this promotes girth as well as length.

The question that I’m asking is if you want more length, will jelqing without stretching-either in separate sets or in a combined stroke at the end of a jelq-suffice?

Those who claim that a combined jelq-stretch stroke will increase length don’t really answer the question. If it’s the stretch at the end of the jelq that enhances length then it’s this and not the jelq that’s responsible, in which case you would probably be better off doing just stretches. But if its not the stretch at all that fosters increased length, but is instead the overall engorgement of the penis via jelqing that does this, then this latter excercise should be given pride of place in PE.

Originally Posted by huffduck

The question that I’m asking is if you want more length, will jelqing without stretching-either in separate sets or in a combined stroke at the end of a jelq-suffice?

To get more length you need to stretch the tunica and/or ligs. Jelq stretches tunica well. I am not sure it does anything for ligs. Manual stretches stretch the ligs and perhaps tunica (someone may correct me on this). According to what I read on this forum, ligs are much easier to stretch than tunica, so manual stretches have higher probability to give you length gains in the beginning.

Try JAI stretches. You don’t have to hold it for long and you truly get a great stretch.

What sparky said. Ligs.

Review the various stretch methods in this thread and view the videos. The V-stretch is a good one.

To answer your question: yes, you can get length by jelqs alone, but you’ll get more by doing both. The “jelq-stretch” is probably not as effective as a stretch done over 30 seconds with a good grip (that you may not be able to achieve if you wet jelq).

My LOT is around 9, so stretches seem to be the way for me to go. Even without knowing my LOT, I can tell when I have a boner that my lig is the limiting factor as my whole erection curves because of the limitation imposed by it. That and my erections are rock hard, so if I can just loosen my ligament up, I should see some gains.

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