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Why do I want to have a bigger penis

Why do I want to have a bigger penis

My penis is about 6” long when I push the fat above it, and when I force it straight (it bends up a bit). I’m not sure about girth, but it’s probably about 4.5”. I’m very unhappy with it, not necessarily just because of the size, but also because it doesn’t seem to be as strong as I’d like it to. I’d like to last longer in bed and I’d like my erections to be stronger. But my attention is always drawn to enlarging it.

Yesterday my girlfriend used a toy that was 7.5” x 5.25” and she said it was really painful.

So why do I want a larger penis? It doesn’t make any sense, yet I still want it.

As humans we constantly strive to better ourselves and are always pushing boundaries to the limit, without that instinct we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Greed is a fantastic thing.

Wanting a lager penis has nothing to do with your girlfriend, girls get their breasts enlarged, and it is hardly ever for their partner [as much as they would like to project that], it actual fact self development/improvement is very natural especially when you feel you are short changed somehow I.e. Size of your muscles, flat chested [for a women] or having an average or under average penis size. It’s about how you feel, not your partner.

On penis erection feel, try doing a light masturbatory jelq with some skin cream or moisturiser with added vitamin e, most chemist type shops sell em, [superdrug in england has a good own brand bout £2 for a big tube] just before sex for about 2 minutes. You should find yourself getting bone hard erections rather then just swell erections or semi hard.

A good jelq routine outside of sex, should help thickness issues and defo help keep a solid erection for longer.

Good luck hope this helps.

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