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Why do doctors say that PE does not work


Why do doctors say that PE does not work

Hi, looking for medical and scientific opinion on the PE, we find that they say that the PE does not work.

They know the results that many people get with PE?

There is interest in a serious and scientific study of PE?

Not sure, but most probably due to the fact that everyone gains differently from different methods - there isn’t a “universal” be-all end-all rule for PE.

I’ve seen enough proof in the members forum, progress report - check it out!

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Well its free, that’s why they will never advice you to do it. Plus why would a Dr advice you to jelq, or hang, or even clamp! It doesn’t make sense for them, If it works or not, as long as it’s free. You ask your self why FDA approves for many PE tools! Forget about all this, can you tell me from where did I get my almost 1 inch in girth? I’m old enough not to have puberty growth, and if its a miracle trust me I don’t pray or ask god to give me some.

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I would guess that no doctor will ever tell you to wrap a cable clamp around your dick, take a roller-pin to it and then hang 10lbs for the fun of it. There is a lot of risk involved in PE and being sued by a patient because he went to far and ruined his dick will ruin you as a doctor.

On the other hand, if the FDA approves a device with appropriate warning labels, there is no risk to the doc, same with drugs.

Without scientific proof no doctor is going to recommend any modality. Recently a large medical company has been fined three billion dollars for misinforming the public about one or two of their drugs and it has taken years to get them this far, and in all likelyhood they will be years more in paying out, and each individual will receive very little.

The drugs in question went through years of testing before fda approval, and even so, the drugs were found to be deficient and that the company misrepresented (lied) about certain things to push the approval through.

Now, given that atmosphere of testing and litigation, do you think a doctor is going to risk their business on recommending something untested, (scientifically) unproven and unpredictable and something that the foolish and impetuous can easily injure themselves while doing?

I hope that you don’t think I’m justifying a doctor’s actions and attitudes in this matter, but I do understand how businessmen are hesitant to expose themselves to risk no matter what the field they are in, and medicine is a business first and foremost in these people’s minds.

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“They know the results that many people get from PE?”
— I don’t think they do. I could be mistaken but I’m guessing that there are some things that most of us don’t tell our doctors, like putting a clamp on our penis, mashing it with a rolling pin, or hanging weights off of it. I can just imagine the chewing out my doc would give me if I revealed these things.

“There is interest in a serious and scientific study of PE?”
— I have a hard time picturing the U.S. government funding such a study although I could be wrong. They have been known to fund some pretty crazy things before.

“If the FDA approves a device…”
— If I’m not mistaken isn’t that how the extender came to be born? I believe I read somewhere that it was originally designed as a treatment device for Peyronies disease, and also as a physical therapy tool for guys just coming out of penis enlargement surgery.

Yeah my doctor advised me to stay away from PE, I’ve asked him about pills, devices and manual PE and told me that I don’t need any of that and I’ll only risk causing harm to myself. I told him that I wanted to try PE and he just advised me to be careful and I shouldn’t be messing around down there… It’s not a collectors items..well in a way it is but it’s meant to be used and worked out. It’s a work in progress :)

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The thing is, jelqing is not a medical thing. Someone might go to a doctor and say their unit is too small, but really, the doctor isn’t going to suggest anything because in his eyes you don’t have any medical problem. Its funny that any doctor would say “don’t do it” though, I have to wonder why. Kinda like a car mechanic telling you not to use nails to put a shelf up.

I am not a doctor, but I should think the only penis info they cover would be all the usual medical problems to do with the reproductive system and basic generalizations.

No doctor is interested in making your unit bigger. Hell most of them seem not to even care about curing you and instead just keep you on their own drugs for as long as possible “treating” you, but I digress.

I suppose its a grey area - people with a smaller unit being depressed and this being enough of a problem for a professional to have to give his or her opinion on it - because women here in the UK have managed to get breast implants for free on the National Health Service on the premise that they are too depressed about their breasts!

Let’s face it folks, if PE was dangerous, it would be all over this forum and it isn’t.

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Penis enlargement exercises are not without risk. PE can result in genuine harm to the penis, ranging from minor nuisances such as skin discoloration to major problems such as erectile dysfunction.

Before You PE: A Penis Inventory

PE is dangerous in much the same way that stretching out or doing calisthenics is.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

How cares what doctors say? This is me and my unit and it is me how want big penis

I think mainly just because there are way too many variations and complications/injuries that can occur a doctor would never stick their neck out and advise one of their patients to conduct a PE routine. Too risky for their career and if you are on the small side they won’t help you get bigger, they’ll only help you if your having medical problems down there. Another reason is they probably have numerous patients coming in regarding an injury from PE which isn’t uncommon. PE can be very dangerous if your not careful and don’t do it right and at the same time can be very rewarding if you do it right. Plus I think if you told your doctor that your depressed due to having a small penis he’d be more inclined to perscribe you an anti depressant rather then to mention PE, he gets paid for prescribing medicine more then giving good advice. That’s just from what I gather…

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I’ve spoken about this with my Physical Therapist on (indirectly) related subjects. Myotherapy/triggerpoints as an alternative to conventional physiotherapy.

Part of it has to do with ingrained convictions, perceptions and ideas as to how something has to work and no other way. Something that correlates to empirical evidence. Certain things may not have a rational thought behind them, yet work. While others may come from empirical evidence, yet viable alternatives that shouldn’t work exist.

Then there’s the taboo about the subject. Depending on country, culture, religion, nature and nurture. Personally, I think it should be a viable option to get a sex life back on track or even improve it. Happy body, happier mind.

For the same reasons teeth are drilled to the core instead of allowed to regrow. The same reason tumors are blasted with toxic radiation and alternative treatments some even more efficient are repressed. The same reason fasting is brushed off and obesity feeds a market for dangerous surgeries and risky drugs/supplements. $$$$MONEY$$$$

If every man knew they could see the same gains from a $10,000-$15,000 surgery in a few years, save hundreds of dollars in pills, pumps, and devices, and improve their sexual potency all on their own, these doctors and companies would lose a lot of money. I believe once that secret was revealed you’d have an awakening for men seeking natural treatments for just pennies on the dollar. BTW that’s over $20 a day saved by jelqing and not going through phalloplasty!

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Of course they don’t recommend it.

Way too much liability and little to no scientific backing. I wouldn’t if I was a doc.

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In some sick way, we need more people getting injuries, because then they will go to a doctor (maybe) and as more cases get recorded, the doctors might put out something like “We do not advise you do PE, but if you are going to do PE, do it this way, don’t do such a such” based on all the reports from all the various injuries. Then again whats the point of that when we have a forum like this.

Think about it, thousands of people that have jelqed have posted here, a very small minority got injuries and almost certainly posted about that here, now, a doctor just doesn’t deal with these things, whereas thousands of people here are doing. Doctors themselves don’t even do PE.

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