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Why did you start PEing

Why did you start PEing

I started because I was with a girl who told me how much bigger the last two guys she was with were. Then quickly added how size doesn’t matter. I always here either in person on in the media women making suggestions or preferences of wanting guys who are well endowed. I started jelqing 5 years ago. I quit for several years then started back 2 summers ago.That same girl who compared me less favorable to her past two boyfriends said my dick was huge and asked me if I had been stretching. The truth is all along I really haven’t gain much size.I restarted my routine 3 mos ago.5 min warm wrap.up to 5 min stretching (or until semi erect) 200 jelqs (now 350).about 5 min warm wrap.I felt stronger erections at first but haven’t noticed any significant gains. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

I was bored and my hands weren’t occupied at the moment when I saw Thundersplace.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

I started PEing to get a bigger dick.

-Borat, frankly

Because I believe, deep down, as firmly as there is a sky above, that my penis is too small for a man. It’s 5 inches long by 4 inches in circumference at its widest point which is about an inch below the corona. My glans is usually smaller than the shaft and when I’m flaccid my penis turtles to the point it retreats under my fat pad — and I’m fat but not that fat. When I look at it I feel no bigger than a boy starting puberty and because of that, I don’t have any faith in my masculinity. I don’t carry myself with confidence, I don’t feel like a man. I’m still a boy living in a 40 year old man’s body with a 12 year old’s dick. Even my balls are on the smaller side of average.

I’ve heard all the arguments, “Oh you’re average! Blah blah blah.” Well there is ONE, just ONE model from ONE brand of condom maker that fits me and that’s the Durex Snugger Fit. If I’m so average then why do ALL other condoms not fit? Doesn’t sound average to me. I saw other guys in school, I’ve seen more dick than a urologist across the street from a whorehouse and I am definitely narrower than every other penis I’ve seen (save for boys not yet in puberty), and nearly always hang more poorly. I’ve seen 12 and 13 year olds with vastly bigger penises than mine. Nearly every man I see is larger flaccid than I am hard, even the boys. That’s pretty damn humbling.

It really goes to all parts of my life. I don’t date, rarely have sex, and frequently don’t have the self-esteem to think better of myself. I don’t dress or groom to make myself attractive. I am getting better and hope that combining PE with pumping that I’ll be able to make good gains. Right now I’m battling smoking and I know once I quit for good my circulation will improve and I should see more rapid size improvements.

Without Thunder’s I’d be dead. I’ve been clinically depressed and a lot of it all has to do with my perceptions of myself as somehow being less than a man and, therefore, nothing. Yeah there are other factors like parenting and friends and life events but this is one thing, rational or no, that I won’t be able to get over. Once I hit 6 inches I will be the happiest guy on Thunder’s because it will mean I’m at least average. Finally, I’ll be worthy of my sex. I won’t stop though, not until I make the magic 8x6; if I can make it. If I can’t, well then I can’t, but at least I’ll feel proud of finally becoming a man in my own eyes.

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Obviously I’ve had insecurities about size that convinced me to start PEing. I’ve gone on and off at various times, but about a year ago I fell in love with a girl who had a partner before me with a dick that was practically twice as long. I believed her when she said it was better with me, because of the emotional connection and what not. At the same time I can’t comfortably live with myself when I know that a larger dick would please her better, and it’s within my grasp to make mine bigger.

I’ve never had a problem with my size until my current girlfriend. She’s never complained, I guess because the size of my glans. But the shaft itself is lacking. I know this because I can’t feel the friction as I have in the past with other women. In fact, my last girlfriend would cringe 75% of the time I’d slip it in for the first time even after being extremely turned on and ready. But, I’m afraid the woman I’m with now, is a “size queen”. I’m in love with her more than I ever have been with anyone else, so I’m willing to try to up the girth to hopefully match her better. That’s why I’m here.

Jason_Els, that’s a horrible outlook to be judging yourself by the size of your penis. If you feel lacking in size why not try to make up for it orally or manually? I’m sure not too many women would complain. You need to give women more credit than that too. Being 40, I’m assuming you wouldn’t be going after 20 year old girls that are still experimenting sexually. You’ll be with someone older and mature and doesn’t have this idea of “oh I need a man with a big dick”. Older women will more than likely know what they want and will be OK with a man with a smaller penis that’s good with oral sex and loves them, and treats them right.

If you feel lacking in size why not try to make up for it orally or manually? I’m sure not too many women would complain.

To who of the 66,000 registered members here would your statement not apply? Yet we, and you, are here.

Being 40, I’m assuming you wouldn’t be going after 20 year old girls that are still experimenting sexually.

I wouldn’t kick them out of bed….. :D

It’s said the perfect age woman for a man is half his age plus 7 years. That’s about 27 for me. I also want to have children so yes, I am interested in women younger than I am but not so young they’re still in that selfish phase.

However, none of this is about women. It’s about me and my perceptions about myself. I’ve tried getting over it with therapy, antidepressants, and well-meaning friends, but none of them have shaken my belief. I realized about age 19 that my penis wasn’t going to grow any bigger than it already had. I’ve spent 21 years with this burdensome neurosis, 21 of my best sex years, and there is no sign of it going away any time soon so I think, at this point, I just have to overcome it physically rather than psychologically.

Thank you for your thoughts, I do appreciate them.

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