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Why did you start PE


Why did you start PE

Just curious as to what possible events in your life triggered you to start the PE journey. Here’s mine:

For me it was this past summer when my wife gave me a funny look when I quoted myself as having 6“‘s. I swear I used to. When I was in my mid teens (16?) I read about the average size and then I remember measuring, what I now know as nbpel, 6”, never measured girth. I felt average, sex life was good never heard complaints. I also read about the toilet paper tube thing years ago and this confirmed to me what I thought was me being average size.
This last summer, I was fishing with the wife and the size 6“‘s came up and I said something like you should know what 6“‘s looks like. She corrected me by pulling out measuring tape and holding it in her hand and then in mouth and stating that I am not 6”. I asked her how long she thought I was, she said “5”“. Didn’t argue about it, but the first chance I got with a ruler I measured, and sure enough she was right I was only 5”, pretty much on the button too!
I typically am the type of person who strives to be above average. I started some research, stumbled across thunders and did some reading. I think I started considering PE after reading a thread that referred to PE as being like physical exercise. If it’s a healthy choice, then why not?
Not sure what happened to that inch but I am going to strive to get it back and then some. It didn’t take me too long (within a couple of weeks) to see that I was getting a healthier dick and making slight gains. So I thought why stop? I guess my PE journey will continue until it negatively affects my sex life. (Decreased erections quality, or too big for some favorite orifices). I don’t really care a whole lot about the size of my penis or muscles but I will do my best to make them as best as they can be. Why not, thats my story. Wife says she wouldn’t want me any bigger. Regardless, I’m keeping the PE a secret. I can hardly wait until I get to 6.5-7” and I’ll see if her point of reference has been thrown out of whack.

Started PE Oct 1/06 - bpel 13.5cm (5.3") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12cm (4.7") Dec 1/06 - bpel 14.0cm (5.5") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12.5cm (4.9")

Currently - bpel 14.2cm (5.5") eg 14.0cm (5.6") el 13.0cm (5.1")

Max GOAL : EL 18.5cm (7.3") EG 15cm (6") "Although I will quit at first sign of interference with anal or oral"

I started for similar reasons too. Good luck!

I got bored starting fires.

"Debate the idea..."

Same thing got me into it.except I was never told that my dick wasn’t 6” I always knew it was smaller lol!

I think it was my ex describing one of her really thick ex-boyfriends, and staring off into space with a very content look on her face.

The blind ambition to excel in every part of my life.

Tired of being average at almost everything I do, including my penis size.

And I felt as though it would give me confidence and I do believe I achieved that.

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5

To make my cock bigger! Lol

Originally Posted by Bird2
The blind ambition to excel in every part of my life.

That and I have found it is human nature to always want what you don’t have, so I figure until I die with a 36” long penis I will always have a need for that extra inch.

I always want to be better then the next guy, I hear it could also be due to self esteem issues.

Starting: (2/1/06) (nbpel=7.8) (bpel=8.15) (eg=5 3/16)

06/29/07: (nbpel=8 1/2) (bpel=9) (mid eg=6) (base eg 6.25)

Comparison Pictures, 8in to 9in= My Comparison Pic thread.

I’m doing it so I can better satisfy my partner and also because I want to be proud of it as opposed to now when I see it as some a bit of an embarrasment. I’m currently about 5.6” btw.

Originally Posted by Under6dreamof9
That and I have found it is human nature to always want what you don’t have, so I figure until I die with a 36” long penis I will always have a need for that extra inch.

Btw your gains are incredible’s guys like you that inspire me to put aside an hour everyday on PE. Has your partner noticed the difference and has it made your sex life better? Sorry if the question is a bit too personal.


It’s something instictive for me.

The satisfaction a bigger unit gives is high: feels so good to be hung :)
And knowing you can control your ejaculations as you like is a cherry on top.
I feel like a super hero in bed (well not that super yet, I need some more girth and length :p )

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

My name is acer1683 and I am enlarging my penis…

I started in my teens as well (bout 15, so nearly 8 years about). I was real skinny, not packin’ too much between the legs neither. I was awkward, had acne, and wasnt popular (cue violin music). What made it worse was that I was horny as hell.

I had the confidence of a terrified puppy. I smoked a whole lotta weed, which I thought was cool but it just made me even more of a tool [Disclaimer: I had ALOT of fun being high. ALOT]. I had let my hair grow long and greasy. Along with alot of other things, I was not cool, popular or even ‘fuckable’. I was a wreak.

Being horny, I looked at alot of porn. Porn is over exaggerated sexuality, including physically. The women have great tits and bodies and the men have rhino-sized cocks and are mad built. I saw guys like Peter North screwin’ women and shooting bucketloads of jizz and thought damn, I wish I could do that. I had a short, thin penis (I thought) and oozed. I was the dynamic opposite of Peter North. I was bargain basement in the hierarchy of men.

So I figured there had to be something I could do to at least give my cock a bit of a boost.

I got to plugging away on the internet looking up ‘penis enlargement’ and this being nearly 8 years ago, the internet was pretty barren in terms of content. I came upon a pay site that promised Sudanese Arab techniques and being desperate and naive, I bought the pitch 110%. I finagled my way onto the site and learnt all about hot wraps and jelqing.

I grew by leaps and bounds (it seemed). Was it the PE, was it the puberty? I couldn’t tell you. But damn I was happy. My cock was bigger after 7 months of really sticking to the program. I also injured myself badly, having to take time off, but lessons were learned.

I then slowed once I actually did get a gf (around 16 yrs) and she was going on about how great I was in bed. That pretty much killed my drive to do PE since I had convinced myself that a bigger cock was the ticket to getting laid, and here I was getting laid…Mission accomplished.

Plus I had moved to another country and was in bording school, so PE went to zilch. However, the confidence remained. Mind you, I didn’t have the mythical 8x6; probably more like 6.7x4.8 but I couldn’t be sure and I didn’t care! I was getting girls.

So what’s the point of the story? I got into PE thinking that if I had a huge dick, I would get ass upon ass; a non-stop orgy starring me and my huge wang. That never happened. But it did give me confidence and got me out of a rut.

I am 23 now and marginally bigger than I was in my teens (7.3 NBPEL x 5.1 EG). I know. After 8 years of PE, I should be tucking it in my sock but remember, it has been sporadic and I have been injured a few times (and lazy).

I continue PE to gain a bit more size, though it’s not my be all and end all. PE fits into my larger program of staying in shape and keeping strong.

My current gf is content. She has told me of her ex’s size (huge in a way that makes big look small) but she said it was uncomfortable at times to have sex as she is quite petit and he has the finesse of chimpanzee in bed. But she does like to do it alot, so I work on erection quality rather than size specifically. My desired goal is something like 7.5x6 (ladies love the girth…)

Anyway, that’s a brief summery of why I got into PE

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

I want a bigger dick. Not overly concerned about my girlfriend’s satisfaction. It’s more of a self improvement thing.

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