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Why did you start PE

Originally Posted by assmanfrom1973
.. I measured, and sure enough she was right I was only 5” ..

Assman, you monster, never let my wife get near you.

She had to cope with less than 4.5, for a long time. Could deliver by rocket science.

Starting point for me was a night when she said, ’ It’s great when we are not finished within minutes, but after a while I do not feel so much anymore. ‘

Now I know what happens with the pussy when excitement fades, I’ve done some reading. But that is not the point here.

So I measured. I always knew I was small. Last time I measured must have been 30 years ago. Had not been big fun anyways. I have the impression to be the only guy around, who never worried about his small cock approaching women. Of course pee-shy and all.

So the less-than-4.5 was smaller than the results from the last millennium (all figures NBPEL). Fat pad about the same.


Read, search, read: Thunders!

If there was a ‘Shrinkers Forum’, I would be posting there.

I’m 6 weeks on now. Guess what, I already have the - still small! - Pecker of my live. She said: “Damn, you said it takes years, but it feels different now’. What a start.

I have a unhealthy obsession towards being a sex god. I compare myself to pornstars and as a result I have bad self esteem. I think my dick is small at BP 7.25 inches.

Because I can.

I started because I was about 7-8 ” (being generous to myself) depending on if it was a good day for me or not.
Being in high school, I used to watch porn a lot and I know those guys are like blown up (literally) and they shave and all that. But still I look at myself and I’m like.. If I just did these few things in the shower I be a bit better.
I guess it’s a cosmetic thing?
I don’t know.
But now that I’m in college and sexually active and all. This one girl was actually impressed but I started thinking “hey maybe I can be that guy that impresses sexual partners with size”?

Basically it’s just good to be big I suppose.

I started thinking of PE a few weeks ago whilst I was smack-bang in the middle of ‘fun fun’ time with my lass. I looked down during missionary and just thought, “Hmmm, I’d really like it to be wider!”. I have no problem with my length (6.4- 5 ” NBPEL), in fact I love it, but I’m on the small side of average with girth (4.7 EG). So I got to scouring the web.

Most of the internet is full of liars and BS’ers who claim miraculous results from just taking a pill or whatever. I was never going to go anywhere near that crap.. I mean if everyone could gain off a simple and relatively cheap bottle of pills then the whole world would do it.

This website is what changed it. It all made sense, manual exercises needed for gains which are more than possible. There’s no real back-breaker lies around here and the general idea that it may take a year for some gains, and that not all techniques suit everyone is what attracted me. I like hard work (if done right) and I’m patient.

The problem is that I started off just wanting a 0.5” girth gain, but now I’m contemplating length gain to 7” NBPEL too. It’s so easy to get hooked on this stuff.

I posted my long-ass “why” story here. To summarize, I don’t have the tight fit that I’ve always had with other women with my wife. I think we would both enjoy sex more if I were bigger.

Can we all just admit that honestly, the reason we are here is

1. Insecurities

2. Self esteem issues

3. One upping attitudes

4. Etc, (Oprah sounding stuff)

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

Well, that’s a tricky one. Something tells me that I would not be doing PE if I knew exactly why I want to do it.

I’ve got a nagging feeling that I’ve been over-simplifying my reasons (“to enjoy sex more”) and that the real issues go far deeper. It’s kind of a mess of low self-esteem and a personal history of failing to meet the expectations of male-dominated areas of life – together with a more positive wish to take control of my body and mind.

I’ve promised myself to go gently into this thing and to stop if it becomes an obsession. I don’t want to be ruled by my dick. But I hope that he and I will become better friends. PE could be part of this process.

With me it’s because I just want to be that guy. I have so many bad things associated with my reputation and they’re true to some extent so I have low self esteem.

So my answer is

1. Because I want to know I’m big

2 and I want other people to know I’m big.

All I want for Christmas is a little EG,

and to correct curvature, which is going well.

Thanks, Thunder SS. I already like this place.

Originally Posted by jbilla
Can we all just admit that honestly, the reason we are here is
1. Insecurities
2. Self esteem issues
3. One upping attitudes
4. Etc, (Oprah sounding stuff)

I think that’s a fair assessment, I can admit that this is part of the reason for me.
Hey'' You can't change what you don't acknowledge''.:nodding:


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I also would love to give my wife something else to boast about!

Started PE Oct 1/06 - bpel 13.5cm (5.3") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12cm (4.7") Dec 1/06 - bpel 14.0cm (5.5") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12.5cm (4.9")

Currently - bpel 14.2cm (5.5") eg 14.0cm (5.6") el 13.0cm (5.1")

Max GOAL : EL 18.5cm (7.3") EG 15cm (6") "Although I will quit at first sign of interference with anal or oral"

I started PE back in 2002, I´m more than middle age, I was having erectile disfunction, my dick was literally shrinking, bent down, a real disgrace. All that is over now and I´m so delighted about it. I´ve gained a little more than 1 inch in length, and also a little more than 1 inch in girth. Pm me if you want to know more.


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