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Why did you decide to do PE

I started pe to get my old boy in shape , and ofc my “ego” is all it boils down to imo ;)

Originally Posted by Lazy Wally
Well, one day I stood on front of my door and realized that I had forgotten to take my keys when leaving the house. So I imagined: “Man, what if your dick was so big that you could just whip it out now and smash that friggin’ door to pieces?”
The thought stuck with me and ever since, I’ve been PEing. Lesson? A door is a gateway to reach a goal, but it can also be the actual challenge itself. Take care.

Awesome beyond words.

Short-Term Goal: 6.25" EG by 9/1/14

"Take it Slow and Watch it Grow"

Long-Term Goal: 10.25" BPEL and 6.5" EG ?

For me it was a number of things. I was having really weak erections sometimes during sex and having trouble keeping it up. Some say that would be a form of ED no? Anyways, I wanted to improve my erection quality. I also wanted to enlarge it for a while. I have tried pumps before, but with no clue on any type of routine to really see any results. That experience alone made me quit the quest for a bigger dick for a while, thinking the only way to enlarge it was going to be surgery. I’m glad I didn’t go through with that, besides, I was broke.

The one thing that got me back on track was a hit to my ego I suppose, from this girl I dated. Sex was good with her, but not great. I did satisfy her each and every time we did have sex, but one day the whole “penis size” topic came up. It was my fault really. We were having a few drinks and I brought it up, just trying to see where I was in terms of penis size in her experiences. Needless to say I didn’t like her answer. I would say I had (or still have) a pretty big case of “huge cock envy”. Although my starting stats are above average, I have always thought of my dick to be small. Since she didn’t see my cock as “huge” I just wanted to be bigger.

So here I am. I’m glad I’m not the only one that is obsessed with aving a huge one. Cheers.

Start: 7.2" BPEL, EG = 5"

Current: 7 7/8" BPEL, 7" NBPEL, 8" BPFSL, EG(midshaft) = 5 5/8"

Goal: 8" NBPEL, EG = 6.5"

Question : Why did you decide to do P.E?

Answer : Because of my big big big ego and my aspiration to the porn stars although I have no plan to become a porn star.

I realised I was spending too much time wanking so I decided to spend some of that time doing something that makes my dick permanently not temporarily bigger instead :D

On a serious note I realised I was too much of a grower not a shower. I have not had problems with my erect size though I have also thought bigger wouldn’t hurt. But my flaccid was not aesthetically pleasing enough. So yes, in other words it’s to feed my ego. I view it as self improvement, and yes I am vain.

Yeah, I think everyone can agree that we all have big ego’s haha

I started it because I think I can´t satisfy all women. I´ve been with a few with rather large vaginae and I imagine that if I can barely feel them, the same applies to them. So I wish to gain a couple of inches and be a bit above average.

Well unlike everyone else here, I didn’t do it for an ego. I am not an egotistical person, I am quite humble.

I started PE because I can’t feel much of anything during sex because I am so small there isn’t enough girth to fill the vagina. It feels like I’m humping air. I even had sex with a petite virgin and still didn’t feel anything. If I can’t feel anything, I don’t think they can feel much either,

Reason: I want to feel!

Girth: 4 inches

Length: 4 inches

Age: 20

I started PE because at 18 I was just under 5BPEL. As an aspiring bioengineer (junior undergrad), I don’t like to think that we are limited by what we are born with. Too many factors are left up to nature and I for one believe we can overcome some of these things. Factors such as height, build, and race are so important in today’s world (business and personal) and are completely random. I say completely random in the sense that we did not choose at birth to be underaverage in anything.

I do PE to overcome what nature gave me. I currently am at 5.7”BPEL (probably finishing puberty, am 21 now, and also the 2 years cumulative I’ve spent on PE). Finally hitting upon the IPR program, I’m seeing proper gains, more noticeably after my second cycle.

Why? I like the thought of having a big penis (seen too much porn I guess ;) ), plus I’d like it to be bigger when I’m flaccid.

3rd Feb '07: NBPEL 6.38" (162mm), EG 5.11" (130mm)

27th Oct '07: NBPEL 6.65" (178mm), EG 5.24" (133mm)

Goal: NBPEL 8" (203mm), EG 6" (152mm). My stats.

Originally Posted by adun111
Factors such as height, build, and race are so important in today’s world (business and personal) and are completely random. I say completely random in the sense that we did not choose at birth to be underaverage in anything.

Adun111, forgive my ignorance but may I ask what the under average race is?

I apologize for violating parallel construction. Ignore the race part (although many would argue that white males are the most privileged).

It’s ok, I knew it was more a grammatical gaffe. :)

I started PE because I want my better half to have nothing but the best, not that she’s been complaining but you know what it’s like guys!

At my age, I decided I’d see if it works. My wife passed away and so there was plenty of time. Let’s say it was either PE or golf. Why putter around in the hot sun when I can PE in the cool house.

I read about PE somewhere and checked it by reading what the doctors said about it —-which they agreed that it couldn’t be done. But, I tried it. So, at soon to be 75, instead of shriveling, I’m getting very close to the elusive 8. Since August of 2005 I’ve gained a little over an inch. If I can live long enough it’ll happen, because with patience—-it works.



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