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Why cant use soap?


My “jelq time” is when I shower and so initially I use soap but, because of it’s alkylinity, I know it’ll dry the skin out and eventually abrasion may occur. I prefer a common lube (KY or whatever) as there’s less friction but the problem is I’m trying to do PE clandestinely and sometimes forget to put the lube away which my wife then discovers and assumes I’ve had a good time with myself in the shower!

I’ve had the skin shedding dealio happen to me two or three times now and let me tell you, the first time it happened I was young and I’d masturbated with soap as a lubricant and let me tell you… I was terrified. I thought my dick was falling apart. It was all red and hard and wow… it was horrible. I’ve found honey based soap and conditioner to work quite well and it keeps the skin soft. Lubriderm works forever too. Only used KY once but it’s too inconvenient for me.

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I’ve also had the experience of painful soap!! (Pee hole) lol

I use a shower gel to jelq at the moment and it works OK but leaves my penis slightly dry afterwards. I usually fix this by using an unfragranced hand moisturiser. Maybe I’ll get some KY/Vaseline at some point.

Hmm I tried PE for the first time ever today and used dove soap, everything seems ok so far? Or is it too early to tell?

Originally Posted by ontest04
Hmm I tried PE for the first time ever today and used dove soap, everything seems ok so far? Or is it too early to tell?

Should be fine mate, most experiences on this thread happened afterwards or within minutes after.

Originally Posted by dobbelbock
Buy olive oil or something. It’s cheap and you will jelq forever with one bottle of olive oil :D .

That’s what I use and I’ve never had a problem. Dobbelbock is correct, one 12 oz bottle lasts a VERY long time. Store it in a cool, dark place. I add 2000IU’s of vitamin E to the bottle… this acts as a preservative. You don’t want to jelq with rancid olive oil.

FYI, extra virgin olive oil has less odor.


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I’ve had the skin shedding thing happen to me too.

I use an aloe gel that is really meant for sunburn relief but it has aloe and vitamins E, A, and a whole bunch more I can’t remember. It works awesome and really helps with any other irritation you may have on your dick like maybe trimming your pubes or whatever. It isn’t so slick your hand flies off and hits your knees and it doesn’t just rub in real quick it’s just about perfect. It’s made by Hawaiian tropic and is a clear green tinted gel.

I have used the olive oil and vegetable oil and even Crisco but nothing has worked as well as the Hawaiian tropic and also the oil is so damn hard to clean off, even after a shower it still feels oily.

If you must use soap however may I recommend cetaphil facial bar soap. It actually isn’t soap at all in a traditional sense. I use this on my face two times a day and it never dries me out at all and it’s has a helluv a lather. And it lubricates VERY well also, I actually use it to shave my face daily and it keeps my face from breaking out unlike other shaving products I have tried.

Just my 2 cents


Originally Posted by jayb
Should be fine mate, most experiences on this thread happened afterwards or within minutes after.

Oh rite! Had me worried then!

Cheers mate:)

I tried light/medium jelqing (in the shower) with soap (some natural non-irritating stuff my wife gets - has essential oils in it) for about four days and then last night a pretty hard jelq. Light/medium did OK but about an hour after the hard jelq last night I could hardly touch the poor guy. Today I’m forced to do very mild stretching. I have cuts across the top and bottom (skin) as if torn from the stress. My wife and I were going to have some “play” time last night; man was I glad we stayed up late with kids playing Settlers and she was just to exhausted. I wasn’t even in the mood to try and convince her otherwise.

I’ll use the soap for easy days but not for the intense sessions. Thus far all I do are a couple different stretches and basic jelq.

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