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Whooops.don't think that was suppose to happen

Whooops.don't think that was suppose to happen

Has anyone ever experienced bleeding when clamping with you hands?

I guess my story can be used to really open ppls(it’s people’s) eyes about being safe when you PE

But anyway I don’t really have a routine. I just do a couple stretches and edge,but I decided to clamp the base when I was edging with my hands, I guess my dick was not ready for this yet.

I was not fully erect but I was still clamping it with my hands and I pushed some blood towards the head and that’s when I saw Blood! On the fold of my foreskin I stopped completely and I pulled my skin back and I wiped the blood off to discover like this tiny pin prick of a hole in the back of the head where there are tiny little veins it didn’t hurt but I’m scared as fuck :(

So who’s willing to take me under there wing and help me PE the right way ? Any volunteers lol

Can anyone relate to my story?

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Holy shit dude. The worst I’ve ever gotten was a dark black bruise on the bottom side of my dick but it healed in about a week. I would definetly take a week long vacation from PE.

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I was doing horse 420 or 440 or whatever they are called. When you clamp off the base and squeeze your head. Well I did that and I actually ruptured a vein on my shaft and blood came out. Nothing bad but it scared me.

I made the mistake of shaving my unit before a clamping session. Apparently I nicked myself or the increased pressure forced blood through a now open follicle.. Not a lot of blood, but more that I ever cared to see come out of my own penis, and more than enough to make my knees week. We learn from our mistakes. Hopefully the mistakes are not severe enough to make us pay a high price.
I learned:
1. Shaving should be done on off days.
2. When moving to a more strenuous exercise, take it very slow. If you choose not to take it slow and you don’t have access to a spotter, you may want to have on a crash helmet and mouth guard so you don’t add a concussion and broken teeth to whatever injuries your penis sustains.

Take it easy. Rest up, and come back. Stick with the newbie routine until it doesn’t produce results.

bearing in mind you have clamped your penis, There is no escape route for blood if you are using high pressure as well as increased pressure from the clamping. Too much and something will give way. two hands is a lot of pressure at full blast.

Ease off the amount of pressure is the best move.

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Thanks for your replies :)

This helped me in a way, now I have an idea of what kind of stress my dick can take

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