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Who to believe?

Bearing in mind that post PE operation advice involves hanging and ADS, the medical fraternity are almost endorsing it already.

If it didn’t work this site wouldn’t be here. Full stop.

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Everyone has a different routine and and different anatomy, but across a pool of 3700+ guys you can start to make so observations with confidence.

As of Saturday, 12% of all of the guys in the db have gained an inch in length and 11% have gained 1/2” in circumference. This includes the people that started and quit or never provided a second entry for any number of reasons.
There is a average 2:1 relationship between length and circumference growth over the entire population.

Slim, your doctor can laugh all he wants, but once you have the bigger cock you wanted, does it really matter what he or the medical community thinks or says?

If you want my advice, give it a real try. Use moderate force in whatever you do, but be persistent. I got confidence from Size’s db that it was possible and even if I had never grown, at least I wouldn’t regret not trying.

Originally Posted by Rijk
I don’t think this site would be there for already 7years if it wouldn’t work.. And if you gain yourself you are really pessimistic..
But it’s your choice.. I just started but I believe it will work.. There are loads of doctors who say it works..


I apologize if I’m coming across as pessimistic. I beg you to believe that that is not my intent. I’m actually quite optimistic about PE (based on my own results). I wouldn’t be working as hard as I am if I didn’t suspect that this is possible. I just want to make sure that any claims that I make are well founded. For now, I’m here; I’m sharing; I’m listening. :-) Thunder’s place is a very cool place. I wish that more of the world tried to be as supportive as we do here.

Dude there is pictorial evidence, what more do you need or want?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Dude there is pictorial evidence, what more do you need or want?

Proof positive that PE works. ;-)

You have it in your own pants!


Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

No penis pics in public forums, please - even if they are fake pics.

Sorry Marinera meant they are in the pics forum.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by Lord Harris
If it didn’t work this site wouldn’t be here. Full stop.

This is so true! Greatest answer of all time! :)

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Very true, I believe that there has to be a way and most of the guys here are proof. It’s a matter of giving it a shot.

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He’s right, this shit don’t work. :rolleyes:

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I get what your saying slim, I still keep thinking that I must have measured wrong when I started etc etc, but the main one I’m seeing is, back in the day when I was under 6” or at least bang on, I would have a one night stand and that would be it.

Now, if I sleep with a girl they are starting to text the next few days hinting at wanting more sex. Not that I’m some kind of Sting like tantric lover but ….

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Hey, slim123!

In my case, I never had one doctor that said to me that doing Kegels (or even mention it) would help to have better erection and better penis health.

After doing it for a month, I can confirm that my penis is bigger and thicker in the flaccid state, even before starting my Newbie´s Routine (started 2 weeks ago) and with the veins much more salient.

So, who´s right? Doctors or the “PE Mith issues”? Clearly not them…!

Remember also that operations to get penis bigger give a lot of money, so that´s one more reason to say that PE does not work.

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Long term goal - EL: 6.5”; EG: - 5.5”

Final goal - EL - 7”; EG: - 6”

Well, we’re not all being paid to trick you into thinking pulling your dong in the bathroom is good.

Just Thunder is… :D *Flee!*

I saw a funny old post the other day when I was reading through the archives, Thunder may remeber it. It was a guy who claimed the whole site was a big scam and that Thunder made his $$$ through covertly endorsing things like ADS, pumps etc!

The guy said that the mods would recommend a newbie “well why don’t you try” etc etc, compltely omitting the fact that most newbies gain, and that homemaking is wholeheartedly encouraged here. That post was really funny I’m going to try and find it.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.


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