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Who knows?


My understanding was that it was free (like this place)?!? If you know differently what’s the deal and the cost?

The translation is bidé :D The proper English spelling is bidet (pronounced the same - silent ‘t’) but a lot of people use the french spelling.

I don’t know anything about the site.First time heard it from you 5mins ago.

Right now it stroke me that I read in the newbie routine about kegels and I did none.

As I understand a kegel should be a contraction on the base of penis shaft and a bit inside the body from that spot that stops the flow when pissing, is this correct?

And what should I do about them exactly for my purposes?

Yes, a kegel is the contraction of the PC muscle (and stops you pissing). Just exercise the muscle as a part of your routine, a few hundred kegels a day maybe.

200 1 sec brief contractions like pulling a trigger of a gun repeatedly will they do fine?

(Thus they will take me 3 and a half minutes.)

I tried it just now and I felt my muscle needing to relax after 25-30 contractions and I stoped.


It will take a while to build up the muscle.

When it comes to training the PC muscle I disagree with the majority of people here it seems.

The advice you will generally get is to go for the burn. Initially this will happen quite quickly but as your muscle develops you will find that you can do more and more before you reach the burn.

By burn I mean when the muscles start to build up lactic acid through anaerobic operation. If you have run or jogged or trained you should know this feeling.

Personally I think in yoga terms :) So for me building up the muscle is not about the repetitions done but controlling and holding the muscle, to build strength as opposed to bulk.

Either way you should probably mix in some longer holds (5 seconds or more).

Don’t worry about not being able to kegel much yet, it will take time to train the muscle.

I will try to understand both control and reps.

Memento really thank you for your encourangement.

I did last night late(12 hours ago a 5min jelq session) and also this morning the same(some time ago) and it went good.
I did hot baths for warm-up, cool-down so I still haven’t tried the hot wraps but I will.
I also do occasionally some squeezes with my hands on the penis shaft and also some kegels, trying to concentrate on the muscle.
Memento I saw your advice again to impulze about gaining girth at jelqing at 60% erection levels.I still can’t achieve this good: although I start jelqing at 70-80% erection after 6 strokes goes to 55%, at 10 strokes is at 45%, at 14-15 is at 30% and I go to 20 at 10-15% from which point I go on like this for some strokes and then I regain erection to start again.
I want to overcome this and gain the stamina to be able to jelq at 60% all the time without losing it.
Maybe more and more jelqing will do the trick and if I will be ever able to do it, it will take some time.

I like posting about what I do and have some input because it encourages me not to neglect the task of doing the effort of the excercises.

Sounds good. Might be worth stopping to regain the erection a little earlier and be careful in the first 2 months with erections as hard as 80%. Balance is important here. You need to push yourself enough to get gains but not so far that you cause injury.

Some people use visual stimulus (porn) to help maintain their erection. This worked fine for me to start with. If you do try to maintain concentration on jelqing rather than allowing your attention to flit toward the porn.

Glad its going well. Keep up the good work :)

If you like posting about what you are doing, start a thread in the personal routines forum, or if you want to include pictures the members pics forum. That will help you keep a track of whats going on :)

Thanks memento.I will probably post in the proutines forum.


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