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Who is your Hero here at Thunders

The guys to which I’d most like to say thank you include Thunder, Shiver, Bib, ModestoMan, Avcoet8, Para-Goomba, Sparkyx, Andrew69, Mbuc, SmilingBob, Wadzilla, and Xenolith.

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Mine is Luvdaddus. He had some great advice for me a while ago that was %100 true…….. and, he is a very smart guy.

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Originally Posted by 67Mustang
Im gonna say xlmagnum, hes the man.

Oh Sweet Child O’Mine! Thanks Mustang (I drive one BTW 2002 GT) :D

I have a long list of heroes.

(In no particular order)

ThunderSS - For running this site, having the patience to put up with a lot (and I mean A LOT) of shit, and being a very helpful friend.

Avocet8 - Not only do you have a big long flaccid that I would kill to have (or work hard at PE..either/or), but you give it to me straight when you need to, and give hope to all the guys with ED.

tps - Very kind. You truly deserve any size you desire. Rita is lucky (as are you :) ), because you are probably 10 times the man off the board, that you are on it.

Dino9x7 - Hey bro! What can I say….you are the member’s Mod, and usually approach it like that. You have had great gains, and try to bestow any knowledge you can of this great lifestyle.

Westla90069 - You are almost like a brother/father figure to me. The only member I have had the pleasure of meeting, and the whole forum should be green with envy of me! You teach a lot of people here about acceptance when you don’t have to, and you keep me in check so I don’t fuck myself over. You are welcome in my hometown anytime. :up:

Twatteaser - I have studied under your greatness, and although I may not be the biggest “Twatteasian”, I still love your comedic style and deliverance. You show newbies that everyone starts somewhere, and to not be embarrassed to ask Newbish questions.

DiamondWinds - You give us all a place and reason to laugh, and you put a lot of people above yourself. A real woman with class.

Supersizeit - You supported me and helped me regain some dignity from my former self. When I first came to this site, you were one of the first stats I saw and made my goals match them. If I considered you anything less than a “friend” it would be an insult.

Roussie - (Notice I didn’t use your real username, because I can’t remember it to save my life!) I always have considered you to be funny as hell, and confusing at times, but always a trip. Then you stuck your own neck out for me when not many would. I wasn’t joking when I said my mental image of you was “Superman”.

RoomtoGrow - Who the feck am I kidding? I made a thread devoted to you, ya bum! :) I miss you posts and companionship. I can’t stand to wait for your return. You help a lot of newbies on this forum, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who considers you a hero.

CaptnHook - I don’t know you exceptionally well, but I think you are one of the funniest MFers on this or any board for that matter!

Ramrod - You have taken a lot of crap from me regarding your manhood and certain breath mints. You take it in stride, and on occassion give it back to me, which I humbly accept.

I’m probably forgetting a few, and if I think of them I will add them on. Hero or not, you guys are all family to me.

Thunder, Mem, & Hobby - the guys that keep T’s place on the planet.

Avocet, Lil12big1, JAPP, YGuy, Luv, and more - guys that gained and shared their insights.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Big Girtha - He has shared his writings with us, and we could feel like we were almost there when it happened. He is continually trying to figure out the best ways for us sorry losers to gain some girth, and he is a marvel to all those who have been called pencil dick.

A Toast to the Contributors

Of course, as many have expressed above, my hero is T. Not only did he have the vision to start all this madness, but has had the patents to keep it up for four long years and still maintain some shred of sanity. And of course the mods for their thankless long hours of being the boss’s eyes while he sleeps, if he ever sleeps, the only man I know who keeps stranger hours the I. T. And his little group of deputies have developed a real skill at watching for trolls and keeping this forum Spam-free and to them go my utmost admiration.

To xlm, twat and Mr. Happy for keeping us laughing, to Wad and Hook, who used to be the comedians of the forum, but have seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. However the real heroes of the forum are those who DONATE. And when I Say DONATE:


Make a Donation

I don’t only mean money, (although that helps) but TIME, our most valuable asset. Of the vast number of members here only a handful actually post. We need more POST donations as well as the dollars and cents in order to keep this place running at the high standard we have become accustomed to

So here’s a little chilled port:


To those who have contributed from pocket, ideas and wit; to keep us informed and entertained: To the real Heroes of T’s Place, the DONATERS. And to another four years of searching for that illusive Breakthrough in The Craft that we all dream of.


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All these guys and gals.


and a few more, who aren’t on that page.

But isn’t every member here special? I think so, with the normal Stephen Fry caveat. This forum is the results of all the members who’ve posted.

Originally Posted by tps
It begins and ends with T. I admire a lot of people on this board, but what Thunder does day after day after day, so strangers can come for free to a sanctuary from banner ads and bullshit to improve their lives, defines hero for me.

Perfect :)

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I’m surprised no minion from MOS has showed up to say DLD is his hero.

Heroes here? Mine are AVOCET8 and DRILLA9. Avocet is the paragon of reason, experience, emphathy, patience, and helpfulness to all men, whatever their circumstances may be. He is patriarchal in wisdom and effect. Drilla9 is one hung dude whose exemplary attitude free from condescension or egoism is something for all of us men to strive for. He sure does set the benchmark high. But hey, the truth is there are lots of great guys on this board that I wouldnt mind going out to lunch with or sharing a coffee break with. We have heroes, but lets not overlook the guys who corporately make this a great great website for men to anonymously discuss the most important member of their body and making it better. And having said that, maybe someone with more seniority on this board should start a campaign to, in old fashioned words, “take up a collection” for THUNDER for helping us to amplify our most precious commodity as men.

Originally Posted by thinktank
… maybe someone with more seniority on this board should start a campaign to, in old fashioned words, “take up a collection” for THUNDER for helping us to amplify our most precious commodity as men.

Well, there is no one here with more senility here than Thunder and he always holds his arms and legs out like a cat about to go in a bathtub while we push him thru the doorway when we try to take him to a more appropriate “home”.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

My cowgirl hat is off as well

I wish to thank all of the Mods as well for this really wonderful site. But the best Kudos do go to ThunderSS. He runs a great board and even helped me with silly questions. I am grateful to you, as well. You have given us all a “Place to be” instead of running wild and rampant on the streets! Thank you sir, for everything!


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