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Who invented NATURAL P.E


Who invented NATURAL P.E

Just out of curiosity who first developed these p\e techniques who was he/ or where they.

We really don’t know, but my guess is some guy alone with a lot of time on his hands.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

God, Al Gore or possibly Homer Simpson.

My vote is God … but Gore probably takes the credit.

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

Nathaniel Ural, a 16th Century scientist.

The term NATURAL P.E.® is a registered trademark, by the way, so don’t throw it around lightly.


I heard a guest on Art Bell’s show say PE came from aliens.

:) I don’t believe that. They don’t have any bulge.

Traction exercises (stretching, hanging, etc.) probably are ancient (although I doubt they originated with “Sudanese Arabs”). But that guys would attempt to make the penis longer by pulling on it seems self-evident.

Jelqing - or, milking - seems a bit more creative. But, again, guys who were doing this probably figured that if they keep ramming blood outwards (towards the glans) they can achieve an exaggerated erection - and this repeated activity over time could lead to permanent enlargement. As with many “inventions,” it often doesn’t really *originate* with one person; often, a number of people, spread over a wide area, simultaneously engage in those techniques. About the best that a search can do is lead you to who first publicly espoused PE - but even that claim could be hotly contested.

I know that I’ve heard older members mention reading about PE back in the early 1970’s. So even the “modern” practice of PE is at least 30 years old. And, as with all inventions, techniques expand, become more refined: a la clamping, ADS, LOT theory, bundled stretches, fowfers, dual fulcrum stretches, etc., etc.

PE has evolved “open source” (like Linux, PHP, etc.). Nobody can claim credit for its present metamorphosis, which is the result of so many different contributors.

Great question

Forget about who invented PE. It’s always the guys who invented the really really important things that go unrecognized. Like the guy who invented the bath towel, or the genius who invented stairs.

Can you imagine life before towels? How much time people wasted every day drip drying after a shower? Or how inconvenient it must have been to boost your wife to the second floor every night before stairs were invented?

I understand the French invented the fork. Before that they could only eat cereal, soup, and Jello. And what we now call a “fork in the road” was nonexistent - so whatever road you were on, you had to remain on, until you either fell off the edge of the earth or you turned around and went back home - to eat more Jello.
Even the Devil had an embarrassing time of it trying to intimidate people with his Pitchspoon. People would just laugh at him and say “What are you gonna do - stab me with that big spoon?” This is why the Devil was always depicted with a bright red complexion. He wasn’t scary, he was embarrassed.
And farmers had it even worse than Satan because it was really tedious trying to bale hay with their own pitchspoons. That’s why they would have so many kids back then - to pick up handfuls of hay and throw it at horses and cows.

“Mangez le foin, vache! La gelatine est la mienne!” the little children would sing as they labored.

>He wasn’t scary, he was embarrassed.< Rofl.

How about the guy (or girl) who ate the first lobster?
“Cette créature de mer semble délicieuse,” are not words I would say when looking at a lobster.

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That is truly a tale for the ages.

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Originally Posted by Rodney
How about the guy (or girl) who ate the first lobster?
“Cette créature de mer semble délicieuse,” are not words I would say when looking at a lobster.

I’m sure it was one of those happy accidents that occured when some Jacque Cousteau guy crawling around on the ocean floor got bitten by a lobster, and bit him right back.

“La créature ressemblant à un insecte goûte mieux qu’un escargot mort!”

Goomba -
Thanks, but I’m just restating the facts as they were told to me. :nodding:

It’s common knowledge that Al Gore invented modern PE while in college while he was working on his first version of the Internet where he had two radio shack computers hooked up via 1200 board modems. It seems Al had a mad crush on Tipper and it was a known fact that Tipper was a size queen and mostly dated the college Basketball team. So Al set to work inventing his first hanger and many exercises that we do even today”you heard of jelqing right”. Well Al was never small but as time went on and Al grew his reputation also started growing his dick had grew from 7 to 9 and his Internet now had over a 100 computer attached through the campus and other colleges across the world and Al was no stranger to posting dick pictures to show off his new size and at this point he actually invented the first Internet porn site. Well soon Al hit 10 inches he nailed Tipper at a frat party one night after she had taken a lude and smoked a couple of joints and from what I heard she had 26 orgasms and fell head over heels in love with Al. Soon after Tipper and Al married and Al was so big he had to go into a maintenance mode because not even the size queen could handle Al’s big tool. Last I heard he quietly owns and runs a forum and goes by an alias.

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