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Who here has gained the most

Who here has gained the most

It seems like the average gain in length is between .75 -1.25 in and .25 -.5 in girth. I was just wondering who here has gained more than that. Anyone one here with huge gains or success stories?

I’ve been doing PE for about 2.5 months and I’ve gained .5 in length and .5 in girth.

Wow that’s amazing.


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Yeah, that’s very impressive. Those are some insane gains. He nearly doubled his length. He must’ve been yankin’ and pullin’ that thing every minute of every day. Wow.

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That’s incredible gains in a very short timeframe. Luck-Yguy!

Correct me if Im wrong but wasnt yguy like 16 when he started PE?

I really don’t know. Where didi you read it?

My memory was playing tricks with me, he was actually about 18.

I went from a 14cm when erect to a 16.5 when erect and hopping to go up length wise and I have been peing for about 3 months

Congrats alborz. Those are astounding gains.

Bennett8 is another one to check out. Very impressive dedication.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by marinera
I think YGuy is the one.
My Comparison Pics

If he started young it’s really difficult to determine what gains could be attributed to PE and those which were just part of normal growth - many men don’t stop growing until they are 30! Also, no starting pics ….. sure, growth was there but how much was because of PE? Bennett8, on the other hand, is truly a remarkable success story. If you look at his growth as a percentage, I think there are few, if any, on this board who can match his achievements - inspirational!

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