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Who hasnt gained from PE?

Who hasnt gained from PE?

Just wondering who has being doing PE consistently and has not gained anything in there time doing it? What routine did you follow, did you take long breaks in doing it, do to much to little etc? Iv stated id do PE for a while now and never stayed consistent always doing it for a week then stopping. Could of had a couple years under my belt if I never gave up thinking it was all a scam. Been almost a month now consistently though and nothing so far on the newb routine. I’m going to keep doing it though. A 3.5 inch-4 inch erect penis isnt very much so I’m willing to try anything to just be average. Patience is key I know but theres not been any scientific studies proving that PE works and just going on peoples word that it works makes me skeptical there are plently of trolls and liers out there promoting products that are garbage. Tons of scams and fake sites to get people rating products that don’t work so they can make sales. Anyway was wondering who has been doing this a while and gotten nothing? Need some motivation but want to know those who are motivated and gotten nowhere as well/ Thanks for any advice or help guys please be honest.

Be sure to get lots of good starting measurements and write them down. I wish I did as I’m not sure what/if I’ve gained. If I was positive I gained I’d have 10x the motivation.

Has anyone done PE for a while not gained anything and found out it was there routine and then gained when they tried a new approach to it?

Originally Posted by jayster14
Has anyone done PE for a while not gained anything and found out it was there routine and then gained when they tried a new approach to it?

I have done PE for a couple of years (pretty new to this site though) and i did not gained for a couple of years (tried extenders, hanging etc). I found out that the “less is more” approach were better for me and now i’m starting to see gains :)

I’ve been doing PE for like 1 year or more (I have a 1 year account at pegym if you’re doubting me), and no gains. My mistake? I’m still unsure, but I’m mostly certain I was OVER doing it. I would clamp days in a row, bundle stretch etc.

Now I’ve restarted with the mindset of LESS IS MORE, only for like 1 month so far, no gain but my flaccid SEEMS better, so I hope I’m on the right track.

And yes I was once on just as conspicuousness (or worse) then you are, thinking was all a huge scam and all that. But really there is just way too many people with so many posts on so many sites some daily updating logs and routines, I don’t think trolls would go that far just to “Laugh at us” and scammers wouldn’t be all that expert at scamming people as well, making so many fake accounts and spending hours daily. SO yeah I think the problem is that we are doing something wrong. It may give us the illusion that we are the minority but I think the number of no gainers are higher than we think, because I think most (or many) people that don’t gain simply quit, so we never hear from them, so it give us the illusion that everyone is a gainer and a few losers like you and me don’t gain, which isn’t the case. Some similar logic can be found on IQ threads or Blue eyed people thread, most of people that post there are the ones with high scores or with blue eyes, the ones with low or normal scores usually avoid those threads or don’t post, same goes for people with brown eyes posting in blue eyes thread (doesn’t happen on this forum, just using as an example), so the IQ threads give us an illusion that on internet/forums the % of smart people is higher, because many people posting their results there (and they aren’t lying, like gainers aren’t lying about their gains) and most of those post are from high scores, same with blue eye thread (and they also arent lying about their eyes), well you got the point, to make it short: have more faith in PE, conspiracy won’t make your dick bigger neither will mine, and if I had 100.000 bucks to bet on either PE is a scam or not, I would be that its not, so I’ll keep trying, adapting and learning.

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Originally Posted by jayster14

Has anyone done PE for a while not gained anything and found out it was there routine and then gained when they tried a new approach to it?

My 3-Step Penis Workout. Just checked BPFSL—1/4” linger than it was for sixteen years prior to the last few months. Ditto EL when I checked a few days ago.

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