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Whitening the penis and balls


The things people worry about!

First of all,

Originally Posted by longwidehard

Quotes on the site include, “God I hate it when a gorgeous guy unzips his 8” wand only to find it has DARK skin…eehach!”….. “Look you can keep all those giant dark-red meaty cocks, give me a 5” pale-rider any day”.

Fuck that bitch.

Second, quit fucking worrying about it. For every girl who says she cares, there are 20 who never even thought about it. Darker genital color is sooooo common, for men and women, it is just normal. Especially for people with more pigment (asians, hispanics, italians, etc).

Why in the hell would a light dick be better than a dark one? Why do guys envy black guys and fear their women will lust for the forbidden fruit, if a dark dick is so undesireable?

Side story:

I had been married to my wife over 15 years when one day we happened to be in a bed that was right in front of a full wall mirror. So I was sitting on the edge of the bed and she got on me reverse cowgirl style, facing the mirror, and said “aaa! It’s so dark!” referring to her own pussy. She is brunette. She was over 40 before she realized it, and after she said it, I thought, “hmm, I guess it is”. That is after fucking her almost daily for 15 years!

Horny Bastard


Well, I just have to get used to it then.

I didnt feel comfortable when being sucked since ‘it’ is dark, no sure whether they people sucking care of not, just feel sorry for them.

Originally Posted by longwidehard

There’s a website that talks about how 74.5% of women will ONLY have sex with a guy who’s penis and ball skin have a “peaches and cream” complexion.

Here is a web sit that talks about how the Earth is actually flat!


Running a Massive Co-Front.

I know we’ve had a discussion on this subject before.

Here’s the response I gave then: Darker genital skin is NORMAL for every man. Even blond Scandinavians have darker skin on their penis and scrotum. How dark it gets depends on your genetic makeup. Blonds and redheads may have only a slight change from the rest of their bodies, but it will be different. Darker skinned men, such as some Asians and Latinos may have a noticeable difference. Men from the Indian subcontinent or those of African descent may have very dark genitals.

It’s normal. Besides that, the skin of the penis is thin and sensitive. You would not want to put skin bleaching creams on skin like that.

Now listen up you lot….

For a start, any thread that asks any form of inane question leaves itself wide open to ironic replies; what we Aussie’s call “taking the piss”.

Can anybody here argue that “Whitening the penis and balls” is not right up there with thread titles such as “Help, my balls smell funny” and “Stretching for the Anal”? Here at Thunders there are 4356 other posts to be serious about….THIS ISN’T ONE OF THEM!!

Now as for you Mr Juicyy, there are no pills and Oil of Ulay will not turn your dick lily white (well I guess it will for the first 30 seconds), and there is no website called….. I’m pulling your Kiwi (slightly darker than normal) weiner.


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Originally Posted by juicyy
Oh thanks.

Can;t believe there is such pills!
I am skeptical to try it tho.

Um, juicy? I think he was being wildly, over-the-top sarcastic…

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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I’m Asian and my penis is darker. I guess if anything I’d like to someday do something to minimize my circumcision scar since that is much darker than the rest of my dick. I’d just like a smooth and even complexion down there.

I think girls prefferences would vary just as ours do with the appearance of their pussies. My favorite is a pretty pink pussy with smaller labia(no beef curtains). But I like any other complexion especially if it is even throughout. I’m just not into it when darker complected girls have scars from ingrown hairs or what almost look like dry more callous patches of skin down there.

As for actual procedures to lighten your complexion, I have heard of porn stars bleaching their ass holes to give them a more pink appearance which I must say I prefer. Also, while I was in Korea, it seemed like there were more lotions with bleach than without so I’m sure you could get some gradual changes in tone with something like that. At the more extreme end you could also consider microderm abrasion to even the surface out(I wouldn’t let that laser anywhere near my dick) to minimize the circumcision scar since that is likely the darkest area on most penises.


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