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Which PE Method Best for Length for Low LOT?

Which PE Method Best for Length for Low LOT?

I’ve tried extensively researching this question on the forums, so I apologize in advance if this is one of those newbie questions that drive veterans crazy…

I’m looking for advice about advantages/disadvantages of different PE methods (hanging, pumping, Power Jelqer, etc.), in order to gain length with a low LOT and a very small erect and non-erect length. When I started three weeks ago using the basic warm/stretch/jelq routine described here, I realized that what I’d thought was ‘average’ really wasn’t. Actually, according to’s current survey, I’m not even close to average; I’m in the bottom 7%. Then again, what do these guys know about BPEL measurements? :-)

BPEL 5 1/4”
EL 4 1/8”
EG 4 3/4”
FL < 1 1/2” (on occasion, I refer to my flaccid dick as ‘my turtle,’ as the head can essentially disappear)

About 25 pounds overweight, so working on that to hopefully add some to my EL. My LOT is between 6 & 7, so I’ve been stretching high, toward 12 o’clock, in stretches and jelqing. I’ve always been able to do strong kegels, even before I knew what they were.

Essentially, from I understand about low LOT, tunica work helps more with girth than length. And it seems, if I understand correctly, that hanging methods tend to promote growth for showers with high LOT. Are there any methods that might work better for me to promote growth? Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated! Thanks —

Man … what can I say? It’s hopeless, give it up.
No, just kidding, there are a lot of things you can do. Our situations were identical in the beginning. Mine has changed. I’m no vet, but I can tell you what I’ve done what has worked and what has not. But the first part of your post was correct. This is the kind of newbie thread that drives the vets nuts. Their silent reply to your thread is probably, “Read, man. Read. But who knows, it’s early. Meet me around the corner and we’ll talk.

I’ll PM you.

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Hey BG,

If you guys have this discussion in private, it does no one else any good. The next time someone asks the same questions, he won’t be able to see your fine answers and will have to annoy the ‘vets’ and you know how they get sometimes.

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Try the grip system

try the guys over at thegrip.c , it’s the one that the Dr’s use


Wow you like that grip don’t you? 3 Posts and all of them recommend it.

I think you will also find that the docs that ‘use’ the grip are the ones making money from it in some way.


Originally posted by ThunderSS
Hey BG,

If you guys have this discussion in private, it does no one else any good. The next time someone asks the same questions, he won't be able to see your fine answers and will have to annoy the 'vets' and you know how they get sometimes.

I completely agree, I have about the same LOT and was wondering the samething. Please post your advice in the forums.

Thunder, good point. Didn’t even think about that. Perhaps I’ll post what I PMed to nhbiguy, for what it’s worth. I’ll take out all the off topic stuff first.


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Well I tried to weed out all the off-topic stuff, plus anything that might piss anyone off, but some of it is kind of woven in with pertinent stuff. So if I’ve offended anyone, I apologize in advance. By request here is the PM I sent to one time author of this thread.


Howdy from Texas and welcome to T’s Place:
I joke a lot on the forum about how my LOT is so low I can lift 12 lbs BTC with just a Kegal, but the joke is on me, because it is true. Here recently I’ve made some solid gains in girth and flaccid length, but my erect length gains came to a screeching halt on the sixth month with a 1” gain in BPEL, but then completely stalled out until just recently. Now, if I press the ruler in so deep it leaves a mark during my best erection I can see a new 1/8” creeping into existence. But my girth has fattened up so much my Girl Friend complains it gives her a jaw ache now to do a blowjob. It is harder to jack off now, too, makes my wrist tired trying to squeeze hard enough to pump in blood. Some of the drawbacks of a thick dick, I guess. Like the one guy complained now since PE his dick gets wet when he sits on the toilet. (Ah, life’s a bitch.)

The problem is, I honestly feel that all this quick girth has stalled my length gains. Like Bib says, “it is easier to stretch a thin cable than a thick one.” I’m just now starting to see movement again in erect length.

But, in a nutshell, for flaccid hang, (killing the turtle that sticks his head out of the fat-pad.) Do Fowfers, continually. Look it up. Search for *Fowfers* in an even smaller nutshell, sit on you dick. Constantly. You should never sit anywhere in private that you aren’t sitting on your dick. Pull it straight back and wedge it in the crack of your ass, and keep it there the rest of your life, in twenty-minute intervals. Never sit on your dick for more than 20 minutes. Never hang, stretch, pump, and wear tight wrap or Cable Clamps or anything longer than 20 minutes. Tissue death starts to occur in twenty minutes, gangrene, amputation, need I say more?

Drink lots of water, tons of it. Make it an obsession to keep yourself hydrated. If you can’t stand to drink that much water, put Crystal Light in it. Sugar free flavoring for your water. It will increase your flaccid hang and help you not eat so much.

LOSE WEIGHT! I’m shouting here. I just lost 133 pounds, and I can see my dick without a mirror for the first time in thirty years. (Whoops just gave away my age.) I’m fifty, man. Fifty going on 18, and I’m fucking more and better now than I did when I was 18 the first time. You are probably young, you sound young, if you are that’s great. If I’d known about PE when I was 18, my dick would be dragging the ground now.

Let me get off my soapbox now and continue. Wear an ADS as much as humanly possible, at work at home, also, and this has helped me more than anything, stay wrapped. Wear a loose traction wrap all the time. Search *traction wraps* Hell, just the stuff I’ve written alone should get you up to date on traction and girth wrapping. Search *Big Girtha* And if wearing wrap all the time makes you sore or chaffs you a mite, and it will, try this. I call it my Bed Fowfer. When you go to sleep tuck your wanger between your legs and put a pillow between your legs. You’d be surprise how well this will keep you extended in a warm bed during RIM sleep to heal. Or I guess you could use your GF’s buttcheeks instead of a pillow, whatever, I digress.

Basically oversimplifying the theory: After we abuse our dicks with hours, or days of aggressive PE, it’s a dick’s natural response to duck back inside the fat-pad, to lick its wounds in a place that is safe, warm and free from trauma. We can’t let that happen. If you do, the micro-tears heal in that turtled up position making your dick even shorter and harder to stretch. You must force it to heal while being stretched out with traction wrap, especially while you sleep. And here is where I get most of my opposition. I’ll argue the other side for you. This is also the most dangerous time. We are not awake to check color and temp every 20 minutes. This is true, but it is during RIM sleep and nocturnal erections that the dick does most of its healing, you want that healing to take place while elongated. Just wrap lose enough to pee, and you’ll be all right.

Pump and or JelQ for: Girth
Hang, ADS, Fowfers, hydration for: Flaccid hang (disabling the turtle effect)
Lose weight. Reducing the fat-pad alone will give you an inches according to Luvadadus, I think it was. Trimming pubic hair will give you another. (That one is mine therefore probably {stretching} the truth a bit.)
Listen to our resident doctors, engineers and scientists. Also listen to our female members for a feminine point of view, I think one of them is a GYN, well, maybe not, different forum, I believe. Anna Nimity (I’m probably misspelling everybody’s usernames) is a writer and throws out some pretty good erotica. Diamond Winds keeps us all amused with anecdotes and pics of some of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen, (I sometimes wonder about these ladies) and of course gives a lot of good, “does size matter” kind of stuff. Pirate Steve is the humanist swashbuckler of the group, he keeps moral high.

But most of all read Read READ: Read everything the vets have posted. Especially all of Bib’s stuff. The man is dedicated to the cause and a perfectionist. His hanger is probably the best on the market, buy it if you can afford it, but if you can’t build his homemade job, or e-mail me and I’ll give you instructions how to make a Bib/Wench/girtha hanger kind of thing, out of a neonatal blood pressure cuff and wrist wrap. For about $20.00. Bib is probably one of the only men on this forum as obsessed with this as I am, or he used to be. I think he is retired now, with a 10 dick probably. Now he is a teacher and a good one.

Also read all Avocate8 stuff if you are pumping. He is to pumping what Bib is to hanging. There a couple of youngsters on the forum, I guess they are young, kids probably, but smart kids at that. That would be Tube and Wadzilla. Wad has kind of become the radical science behind Thunders Place. PE genius, with an attitude and a sense of humor. Search for Tubes cadaver penises thread. It was hilarious. I suppose the jest and/or gist of the thread was “If anybody ever makes a breakthrough in PE it won’t be some big company with a research grant, it will be some obsessed wiz-kid in search of a bigger dick, in some remote lab somewhere putting miniature Bib hangers on lab-rats.

Anyway, if I can be of any assistance e-mail me. My PM quota is growing woefully low. My e-ddress is: XXXXXXXXXXX have fun with this, and don’t hurt yourself. Make it fun and comfortable. The only way you’ll stick with it long enough to see any real gains is to become obsessed with it. We all are you know.


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Last edited by SS4Jelq : 01-29-2004 at .

Moderators, sorry, for some reason when I posted the above novel some of the paragraphing was lost making the long post tedious to read, but I can’t edit it again, so if you or any mod wants to fix my paragraphing please feel free, or get me back into edit and I’ll fix it. Also might need to remove brand name Crystal Light, however if we haven’t been sued by Wal-Mart’s or Home Depot by now I guess the gods are smiling on us. They all probably have little dicks, anyway.


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Big G -

Thank you!! There’s so much great stuff here that its taking a while to digest! Thanks for the tips about fowfers and hydrating — although it’s a bit uncomfortable because of my small FL (not much to stretch), I’m sitting here BTC right now :-)

Question for anyone: Am I correct in what BigG’s said above, and in what I’ve inferred from different threads, that pumping probably wouldn’t work to give me more length vs. girth? And that hanging seems to be more of the way to go, particularly given my low LOT and small EL size? (And can anyone direct me to a diagram or description of how OTS hanging works? I’ve looked for any thread and can’t find a ‘beginners 101’ description)

Thanks again, Big G, and to you vets for all your wisdom!!


Any method that stretches toward the chin or straight out is what you are looking for. Basically for your low LOT you need to stretch between the hours Noon to Three PM positions, or some call straight out 9:00. The easiest way to do this is with pulleys, or if you are working with lesser weights you can simply hang the weights over the back of your chair while you’re sitting browsing T’s Place, or just lower the weight over your shoulder if you want to walk around the house multi tasking. I’ve mounted a simple pulley system under my desk both at the home office and work office, so I can hang straight up or straight out while I work or while browsing. The pulley system works best for weights over 12 pounds. You shouldn’t be hanging this much weight as a newbie, however if you are I doubt if you will be walking around with it, it will be all you can do just to sit still a pray your dick doesn’t get pulled off.
Go to Home Depot to the isle where the padlocks are and you will find pulleys. They’re cheap, because you need the smallest size they have. You should be able to buy everything you need for less than five bucks. If you need to keep stealth you can mount the pad eye under your desk and just hang keys on it while you’re not hanging weights.


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