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Which one is longer: BPFSL or BPEL

Which one is longer: BPFSL or BPEL

Hi every body

I think my BPFSL is a bit longer than BPEL.

Do you have the same problem?

Thank you for your comments

I don’t know if I’d consider it a problem necessarily. I just figure it’s something to “grow into”. But BPFSL seems to be running about 1/2” more than BPEL. I’m also figuring some of the BPFSL length might get converted to girth (like a balloon) when erect.

What problem? That’s normal.

I think that is normal. The degree of turgidity of erections varies greatly. Unless you are a growing teenager, you do not get your biggest possible erection every time. The FSL shows the max existing potential length.

Also, when you stretch a flaccid dick, you are probably using some of the skin for length which would normally be stretched in the other direction for girth.

Thank you every body

I heard somewhere that eventually the gain you get in FSL will be translated to EL. I would love it to be added to my NPBFL.

I love to have longer NPBFL I don’t really care about the EL.

Any recommendations?

Thank you again

I have a 1/4 inch difference between BPEL and BPSFL, BPEL being longer, and a 3/4 inch difference NBPEL and NBPSFL, NBPEL being longer. I guess I can’t stretch mine out as far as my erection can.

Lucky you

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