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Which Lube?

Which Lube?

Yes lube, it does help with jelqin - but if you live with other people having a bottle of lube around the house is a bit odd - well not odd but other members of the house will think its odd, so I use a shower gel, although it does get a bit soappy and have to apply more each time it still works and once your done with your jelquin just put the bottle back in the couboard! and no one will take any notice of a shower gel bottle. not good advice I know but it might come in useful to someone.

OH YE - WASH your penis + balls after, DO NOT let the gel dry!!!! OUCH!!!!!

Plus an added bonus is that your penis and hands smell NICE!!!!!

Soap will dry the skin because it’s alkaline. You can get smaller packets of lubricant (like the 10 ml ones on this page) which might be easier to hide. If you must use a household product, try hair conditioner or cooking oil instead of soap or shampoo.

Most shower gels are lubricating, though. Go ahead and grab one with some aloe in it while you’re at it.

I tried soap yesterday. I never do it again. Today my dick is completely sore, red and itchy. It’s like I used a lot of friction to basically rub off the skin!

I normally use vaseline, and I’ll stick to that. It works great and we use it anyway for anal sex. So I do not have to justify us having it at home.

I’ve never tried anything besides vegie oil and vaselin. I was thinking about getting a KY or similar product but they are a bit pricey. So not to waste my money, are pussy-lubricants like KY way better for jelqing than vaseline or just marginally?

I use baby oil with Aloe and vitamin E.

I use the 4 oz. bottle of KY gel or Astroglide gel which comes out to around 3 Dollars at the local store. These are nice because they stay ultra-slick with just a dab of water on the fingers when it starts to dry out and then it’s easy to wash off with only water. I keep mine in my backpack.

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I use canola oil, in a mustard bottle, but NEVER in the shower! We don’t want any nasty falls. I dare you to explain to the ambulance guys what you were doing in the shower with a bottle of veggie oil. :)

I prefer Aquaphor, which you can find at most drug stores.

It’s a vaseline type product

We use it in the medical world for sloughing off old skin from burn victims, and it’s great at adding moisture to skin and keeping it protected.

You can leave it on afterwards to keep the skin soft and supple… another bonus.

and if people in your house ask, you can tell them it’s for your dry hands/feet as it says so on the packaging

or just tell them to mind their own business. That works too… ;)


I love the feeling of Vaseline but I believe it creates an ideal harbor for bacteria and etc. to take up house. I’m definitely convinced of this, when my groin and cock clears up I am going to use the Walgreens brand KY that I seen GRpent recommend, it is a lot cheaper and easier to clean up. The Vaseline type shit clogs pores and sweat glands, and is responsible for most of my problems.


I mean the Walgreens version of K-Y

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Just tried KY- it sucks - too slippery and watery, going back to Vaselin.


Regrading your skin condition, it still happens after you thoroughly wash vaseline off?

Originally Posted by sparky91


Regrading your skin condition, it still happens after you thoroughly wash vaseline off?

Yes, I don’t believe I can effectively get this out of skin, even with scrubbing. IMO, if you are using Vaseline and are not experiencing any problems, don’t worry about. I’m just more succeptible to all this bullshit apparently, carry on with what you are doing.


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