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Which is better ADS or Extender .

Which is better ADS or Extender .

I’ve been thinking about ordering the auto ads because it would be very “hideable” throughout the day, but I have been reading all these amazing results from people wearing the penis extenders. They both have the same concept ( stretching the penis day ) so I was wondering if the extenders actually work any better before I make this purchase. If so, what makes them give better results.


Extender is ADS. It keeps your penis stretched the whole day.

Starting 06/2010 with BPEL 5.25'', EG 5''

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Originally Posted by adros
Extender is ADS. It keeps your penis stretched the whole day.

I know, but the extenders ( the ones with 2 metal rods that press firmly at the base ) have been getting very good results from what I’ve read. While I haven’t found to much on the ads that just attach to your leg and stretch. It had me wondering why people wouldn’t use the one that is consilable throughout the day instead they use the one you cannot hide. Why would it give any better results ?

Extenders have much more advertising on the web. Another reason is, keeping track of the used tension/length and gains is easier with extenders. So said, there are people who had good gains with vacuum ADS. There isn’t any convincing argument to backup that one type is better than the other one, IMHO, providing that you have the consistency and faith to use them for some months. This aren’t devices supposed to give gains after few weeks, but on the long, long run.

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