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Which grip is the best?

Which grip is the best?

How should I grip my dick while I do my jelqs. Until now I´ve griped with the palm on the side using an ok-grip. But I feel that I put to much pressure on the upper side of my shaft (the dorsal nerve). So.. what´s the best grip then to prevent that? Need advices.

You can use an overhand grip. Just flip your hand over and it puts the pressure from your fingers on the sides, and the “webbing” between the thumb and first finger right on top, where the dorsal nerve is. It works really good.

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Okey, thanks mate!

electron’s grip is the palms down grip and is the one I prefer also. This grip also allows you to start at the very base of your cock, even get a bone pressed grip, and this ensures the entire shaft benefits from the jelq stroke.

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