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Which angles for LOT of 7-8?

Which angles for LOT of 7-8?

My LOT is 7-8. Is pulling to the side also going to stretch the tunica, or do I just stretch upwards for that?

The LOT theory was intended to help hangers (men who hang weights from their penises) determine the best angle of attack and was supposed to be based on how the penis was attached to the pelvis. There was not a good anatomical or physiological basis for the theory and it has been shown not to be predictive of anything. LOT was not intended to be helpful for any other PE exercise such as manual stretches. The current trend around here is to advise those asking about it to ignore the LOT theory.

To answer your question, manual stretches can pull on the ligaments that attach the penis to the pelvis in almost any direction you wish to pull them.

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