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Whey Protein, will they help

Whey Protein, will they help

Since protein is integral for muscle growth, would taking Whey Protein help?

Would there be any diet which would aid in length?

What are ligaments made of anyway, what diet should we focus on to make then grow or stretch better?

Thanks in advance for any reply.

Best regards.

Remember the penis is not a muscle, it just has some smooth muscle tissue in it.

All tissue in general responds to good nutrition. Protein is certainly needed for the body. Whey protein is good for building muscle and getting into shape.

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Full diet is needed for body. Multifarious diet is needed. The best food is food, when person feels well and healthy. And this is good for all parts of body.

If Whey protein helped, I would be huge. I eat 125g whey protein every day.

I just thought id stick my head in here as a competitor of the Australian natural bodybuilding competition (under 90kg) I know a thing or two about nutrition.

First of all id like to say that I am no expert on the anatomy of the penis and how it recovers to damage or fatigue.

Ok if you are trying to put on size you need to eat. You need to eat a lot. Let me say that again zomgpp. You need to eat alot.
Many people new to bodybuilding add about 500 calories or so to their maintenance diet expecting to put on mass. However eating this extra food also puts your metabolism into overdrive. So more often than not what happens is that these people looking to “get huge” will actually loose weight or just maintain their weight.
Now where protein kicks in is of course that you want the weight that you have gained to be muscle. It’s no good gaining 10lb if that is all fat. So to gain weight and to have most of that weight gain being muscle you need to have a fair amount of protein in your diet.
Now with me, I require about 200 grams of protein per day on my bulking cycle.
Now that’s a lot of protein. Ideally I would want all of my protein to come from natural sources. Chicken, beef and fish would be ideal. However your average 100 gram piece of chicken contains 20g of protein. Meaning that I would have to eat 2 kilos of chicken every day. That is just insane. Which is where whey protein comes in. Instead of having a kilo of protein I can have 2 servings of my mass gainer protein blend which has 53g of protein per serve.
Much easier for me.

So basically. Do you need whey protein?
If you are trying to put on mass and are having trouble getting all of your protein from natural sources then yes get some whey.
If you are struggling to get enough protein in your regular diet then yes try some whey.

But remember that whey protein by itself is no miracle formula. You don’t just take it and hope to get big. You will get big as a result of your overall diet and your exercise routine (bodybuilding or PE). Whey is just a supplement to help you get the diet side of things right

Protein supplementation will not make your penis bigger, nor growing faster, unless you come from a diet below safe standards. It could make your penis shorter, if you are going to add fat to your body.

Thanks for all the informative replies. *Hmmmm* since Whey don’t make PEing more effective, I think I’ll try to balance my diet more then.

Anyway status135, I do some weight lifting myself but just to keep fit. But I noticed that after every session my flaccid length shrunk a little. Do you experience it too?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Most guys get a bit of flaccid shrinkage after any form of exercise. The blood is drawn away from the penis and into the working muscles to provide them with oxygen and nutrients.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

That was re-assuring firegoat. Thanks for your kind reply.

Best Regards.

When a competition is just around the corner i usually experience some form of ED… On the home straight to a competition I would be on an intense calorie restricted diet which would also be extremely low on carbs. The lack of energy from my diet in conjunction with the heavy gyming usually gives me some ED during that period.

When I’m on my bulking phase though and eating a lot i usually don’t have any problems with my penis as a result of exercise.

Originally Posted by supahfly
Since protein is integral for muscle growth, would taking Whey Protein help?

Would there be any diet which would aid in length?


I don’t think that having a specific diet would help much in PE.

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