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Where to grab on penis when stretching

Where to grab on penis when stretching

Finally motivated to do this and I had a simple question :D :

Where do I grab on my penis when I am stretching?

Right behind the glans?

Or an inch or two below the glans, closer to the base?

The reason why I’m asking this is because I get a MUCH, MUCH stronger feeling stretch when I go 1-2 inches below my glans.

I can really feel the base pulling out when I grab 1-2 inches below my glans.

If I grab right below the glans, I do feel a stretch, but it’s not close to if I grab lower on my penis.

Which one is the way to go? Should I grab lower because I feel a stronger stretch?

Can I do both (grab lower for one stretch, then go higher for another stretch)?


I’m pretty sure everyone has they’re own grip and will tell u to experiment. Only thing i’m almost certain about is that you never grab the head itself to stretch. I’d say go for w/e grip is the most comfortable and gives you the most stretch, and don’t pull too hard. If i’m wrong i’m sure an expert will be in here soon to correct me

Don’t know which is better but I grab right behind the glans as I can use my glans as support.

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Make sure the good strong feeling is your actual penis stretching and not just skin.

Originally Posted by bohm
Don’t know which is better but I grab right behind the glans as I can use my glans as support.

I do the same. But I will warn for you to be gentle at first and not trap a lot of blood in the head. Although I’m well conditioned now and leave blood in the head and like bohm said using the glans as support for a harder stretch.

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