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Where to buy Theraband

Where to buy Theraband

I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas on where to find Theraband. I’ve checked Walmart and Rite-Aid but they don’t seem to have it, unless I’m looking in the wrong section. Should it be in the pharmacy section along with all of the wraps and bandages? If anyone has had success finding it in So Cal please help me out.

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I found some in a pharmacy in Long Beach, but it was the real thin kind. Bib always recommended the heavier black, gold or silver for hangers. You can look for places that sell physical therapy supplies or medical supply houses.

Physical therapy places? I looked in the yellow pages and there are a lot listed but they just seem to be small practices, would they have it or should I be looking for somewhere that lists as selling medical equipment? Also, what is Theraband normally used for? I need to say something besides “wrapping my c***” if they ask. :)

Theraband is used for rehabilitation. Check out their site. If you need an excuse to feel comfortable asking for it, say you are recovering from a rotator cuff injury (bad shoulder :) ) and need it to do your exercises.

Try calling some medical supply places. Surely you’ll find someone who stocks it or can point you to a local source.

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