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Where to buy Brake Bleeders

Where to buy Brake Bleeders

I don’t have a pep boys or Autozone anywhere near here. Suggestions?

Are you setting up a shop or is this just for your own car? Because if it’s just for your own car, all you need is a jar, a tube to fit the bleed nipple and a friend to step on the brake.

No no, to make a pump! lol sorry! Should’ve been more descriptive.

*Penis pump

Where is “here” for you, Hammerfist?


Maybe someone who’s in your part of the planet has a suggestion.

I don’t suppose you can order on line? This is like pulling teeth.

Pulling teeth is easy with either a hammer or a fist. :D

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One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.


You can do a google search. Amazon or ebay has them to. Here’s 2 listed. This is a good one (MightyVac). You can get same pump w/out bleeder jar and hoses but they’re not much cheaper. This way you can bleed your brakes too. :)…eywords=mityvac…7503 365QQrdZ1…G=Google+Search

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Oh.they sell them at sears.okedoke guys thanks!


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