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Where to begin

Where to begin

Ok, ill just start off and say I rarely post on forums, I’ve always just browsed and never given much thought to posting, but I almost felt obliged too.

First off I just want to say THANKS to every single poster on these forums, there is so much encouragement on this site it’s unlike any other site I’ve ever seen.
I’ve been doing PE now for just shy of a month and I’m already seeing such huge benefits. I wake up with wood every single morning, I’ve already had 1/2 and inch gain in my erect length, and my flaccid hangs thicker - not to mention going from a dribbler to a shooter (I couldn’t believe this the first time it happened).
I’ve really scheduled the newbie routine into my lifestyle and my overall well being is just so much greater. I sing every night in the shower now just from the confidence and happiness this site has given me.
I’ve always worried about my penis and felt it was one of the bigger limitations in my life - but since browsing these forums regularly I just feel nothing can hold me back lol - anyway not to bore you but I just want to give my sincere thanks to everyone on this site, really.

Welcome to the forums. I’m glad it’s been working out so well for you. Have you entered your stats in the PE data site yet?

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