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Where to begin with PE

Where to begin with PE

Hi guys I’m a ashamed here ,well just a little I guess ,but I want to gain length and girth on my penis,my g/f says I get her off just fine ,at the beginning I did get her off multiple times in a session ,just from normal she like to manually excite herself while also having intercourse ,and I feel I’m not really doing it for her anymore .I am a little over 5” erect and don’t know my girth but I can get my index and thumb around it and it fills that space up ,I am new to all this

And this is really a big issue I get insecure because of it ,my last g/f said it was fine and I was good then told me one night that the best she had had was 10” for 3 or so hours and it was fat she said hasn’t every had anything better :( .but she cheated .well I love my g/f now and I want to keep her satisfied..

I want to fill her up as much as possible ,but she has rather shallow vagina .I can’t feel it with my penis but when I use vibrator on her I can feel a wall of skin like 7-7-1/2”(that’s how long the vibrator is) in and she then says “not so deep” but only if I really push .I would like to be this big ,I just know nothing about this and would like some help as to where to start,I really love this girl and want to give her as much pleasure as possible ,as I feel she won’t tell me that she would like it bigger to refrain from hurting me ..

Sorry if this sounds weird or whatever I’m kinda nervous about posting and have no clue where to begin ,I am 22 years old ,I work out regularly(Sp) I am pretty big muscle wise .and in shape ,just for some health info ,if that is needed

What do I do first and how?


Check out the newbie routine in the tutorials.

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Welcome ejsounds,

There is just one more thing I will add to what has already been said. Take it easy. This is a journey that does not need to be rushed. Growth in length and girth will happen, just be patient. Hell, you may one of the lucky ones that gets amazing “newbie” growth.

Good luck to you.

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