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Where to begin? Need help Beginner

Where to begin? Need help Beginner


I am new and upon reading some topics here, it seems that exercises is the only way to get gains. I am asking the question because I am confused on how to begin after reading so much different information. It would be great if you could help.

I am 24 years old, my flaccid penis is 2.5 inches and 4 inches erect. The girth is only 4.3 inches as well. It is way below average and can be considered a “pencil dick”. I have never tried PE exercises before.

Could you guys please suggest me what I should do and how I should proceed to increase my size. I have little to no self confidence when it comes to the sexual part of my life and I really would like to change that. I also ejaculate quickly so if there is an exercise to help that, it would be great as well.

Should I wear All Day Stretchers (ADS) or what should I do? I am at a point where I would even consider an enlargement surgery. Any help would really be helpful. I am ready to work and dedicate time if needed.

Please point me in the right direction so I can gain some self confidence and actually get some gains.

Please tell me what I should do for the next 3 months or longer and How often to check my measurements. How much time should I spend on PE everyday?

Also, If you suggest ADS or any other device, please also suggest or link the device you mean so that I could buy similar.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks

Don’t touch any equipment. Go to the bottom of the page and find the like called “Routines”. Click on it and find the Newbie Routine. Do that and be dedicated.


As C3 and Vash have said, start with the newbie routine.

In parallel begin to work on discovering the realization that your value as a man and as a sexual being should not be identified through or measured by your penis dimensions.

Our partners in life come in all shapes and sizes, women also understand this reality. Great sex comes from two people letting down their walls and allowing each other to be and accepting one another as they are.

So do PE and through consistency over some years you will increase the size of your penis. However, your greatest accomplishment will be learning to satisfy your partner as the man you are.

Best wishes my friend.


Most women will not desire us as we are, this is a celebration of our uniqueness and why when we find those people who fit it is even that much more special.

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I personally would say start with a quality extender before you do anything else (X4, jes, size genetics). As long as you have the time and money.

The products have been 100% proven to give results in length and girth to men who have not done any kind of penis enlargement in the past. Your penis will toughen up from exercises, newbie routine or any other, making it more difficult to make gains down the road so beginning with something that uses exact weight/traction instead of starting with your hand is likely much more beneficial.

Take advantage of you being so new to pe and get your guaranteed gains from a device proven to work.

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