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Where is the time to PE for >90 min?

Where is the time to PE for >90 min?

I’ve been reading a lot of the routines from members in the forum and see that there a lot of members who PE for >90 minutes a day. Where do you find the time to do that much PE? I work, study, workout, and train martial arts. My days are pretty stacked. If jelging for 30 minutes a day is part of my routine, but I don’t have enough time, can I break it up into 2 sessions and still see the benefits? In particular I am curious about hanging. I see that some hangers hang for 1.5 - 3 hours a day. Is that all at once?

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Everyone has different schedules, responsibilities and priorities. Some people work from home, others don’t have additional hobbies/interests that compete for time, some live alone and may not have family responsibilities, etc..

For hanging specifically, splitting your total sets into two sessions is certainly not a bad thing, and some have even recomended split sets as beneficial to gains.

If it’s something that’s important to you, there’s usually a way to find the time to do it. Splitting the workout into 2 or more sessions is a good way to do it, and there’s not a consensus that a PE routine must be many hours in duration in order to gain. Find out where PE fits in your list of priorities and then try to find a way to implement an effective routine that works for you and allows you to still enjoy the rest of your life.

Maybe a moderator can change your title to >90 minutes instead of <90 minutes.

Correction, <90 minutes.

Illivan, thanks for the advice.

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