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Honestly, that sort of time commitment would be kinda tricky. Especially since I don’t KiK, Snap, Insta or FB. You’ll get the hang of it. You just have to make PE a part of your life. Your goals will take a while if you do them safely so…just prepare for that and you’ll be getting gains and progress with no problem. Try and get on just to read some progress reports, get a feel for what you’re going to be feeling and seeing. Ask questions. You can hold yourself accountable by making this fun, not a chore.

Thanks. Just imagine if i never got on Thunder’s, i would have never obtained this much help from you guys. I guess everyone here IS a family in a way! Thanks again bud.

(Start date 4-8-18) Flaccid:NBPL3.5"

Erect: NBPEL5.2" Erect girth:4.7" Goal

Flaccid:NBPL 5 or 6" NBPEL- 7 or 8" E girth- 6" or 7"