Where does the growth occur

This is a question for the vets:

When you are gaining length by stretching the tunica (as opposed to stretching ligs) does the increase come from a specific part of the penis (eg. Near the glans or near the base) or does the tunica stretch equally and proportionately along the length of the penis?

In my case my EG varies from 6.25” at the base, to 5.5” near the glans, and often when I stretch I feel like my tunica might be stretching more towards the end of my penis thus making the thinner part longer (though I’m not really sure).

So, I was just wandering whether people reckon they experience their growth at a specific part along the length of their penis, or do you think the penis becomes a longer version within it’s previous proportions.


03/07: BPEL - 7", EG - 5.5" Vol. - 242cm (NBP)

04/08: BPEL - 8", EG - 5.85" (6.25" at base) Vol. - 316cm (+30%)

GOAL: BPEL - 8.75", EG - 7" Vol. - 512cm (+111%)