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Where do you aim when you JELQ?

Where do you aim when you JELQ?

When you have a semi boner while Jelqing..

While we jelq, do we aim the penis on the floor.. Jelq the penis it downwards

Example in this video



Do you jelq straight out?

Or there is no difference straight out or downwards?

Opinions please.

I do it like the guy in your video, pretty much straight down. Thought that was a very good video by the way.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I jelq straight out, as I can see exactly what I am doing and I feel it is easier to get blood to the head. That’s just me, could be different for others :)

I jelq straight out. I’ve seen that video before and always thought it was odd that he’s not using his second hand to clamp around the base.

Straight out. Helps me monitor my erection level more easily

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When I jelq I do 100 single-handed straight down, then 100 upwards, 100 double-handed down, then 100 up. The upwards jelqs sometimes become more straight out than upwards, as straight up is harder to do (for me anyway). I like alternating like this as it feels like it targets a different area, covering my bases.

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I mostly dry Jelqing except when I pumping.. I dry jelq all from 30- 90% erection. I do a dry jelq/ ulli/ sadsak slinky combo. I start out with 4 fingers with the dry Jelqing and do 5 reps, slow. Then with 3 fingers.. 2 fingers.. 1.. then 2 ullis direct after and finally sadsak slinky.. and that’s 1 rep. Then I repeat for 10-20 minutes. Those three exercises works great together :-)

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