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Where do I go from here...? EQ, EG, etc

Where do I go from here...? EQ, EG, etc

So I took a lot of time off from PE, probably 10 months or so, but I was never totally into it. I measured myself a little while ago and I’d say currently I’m 7.4 bp x 5.6 eg. I feel okay about that although I would love to bump up the EG. Anyway, what I am concerned about is EQ. It seems like its never as hard as it could be and always droops down (more than 90 degree angle) rather than standing at attention. Also, it seems like direct physical stimulation is needed constantly or else it fades away pretty quickly. I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’m thinking that perhaps starting up a routine of jelqing might help and some kegels, but do you ghave any ideas? How does pumping work in all this? I know this post is pretty broad, I’m just trying to get all my thoughts down. EQ the main thing I am trying to correct, then hopefully EG and maybe length. Thanks

Starting stats: 7.6 bpl x 5.875 - 6 g

Hoping for: 9 bpl x 6.25 g

I think you just should do the newbie routine consistently for some months. It’s not a matter of doing this or this other exercise, if always lacks consistency. A consistent routine should help your EQ, also.

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