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Where are all the 5 INCHERS SPEAK UP

Originally Posted by cclark369

I started in July of this year with the following sizes—F Length 3.00” F Girth 1.750”, E Length 5.250” E Girth 4.00” and now after PEing for the last 5 month I have reached to E Length 7.00+” E Girth 5.563”. All I can say is that you have to have a positive attitude that you will reach your goal.

You Stud You!! Go Man Go!! ;)

WOG 6/1/04 Starting stats: 7.2 BPEL/ 6.2 Erect girth @ base 9/10/04 7.6 BPEL/ 7.2/7.3 Erect girth @ base 7/10/05 8.3 BPEL 7.2 Erect girth @ base 10/10/05 8.4 BPEL x 6.20 Midshaft/7.3 EG@base Current 8.65 BPELx 6.50 Midshaft/7.5 EG @ base Routines: Power Jelq or Manual/ Stretch w/Power Assist Stretcher: 20 min daily ea/ Clamp or Pump 3x's daily 15 min.

I started at 5”nbpel, 4.5”eg and now I am 6.5”nbpel, 5.3eg. I started at the end of April

The first time I started out I was like 6.25”NBP X 4.75”. Obviously newbie gains have helped me a lot to my .5” gain both ways.


Originally Posted by beginner931
I am really knew at this. I started PE maybe last week. One thing that really makes me feel sad is, when I read these forums and all the advice that is on this great site, I get disappointed because most of the stats I read on the size of the guys members is alot bigger than mine. Heck! It’s alot bigger than the average guy, If I were to go buy the 2 threads about average penis size on this site. Don’t get me Wrong I’m so happy I found this site. It gives me hope. But most of the stats I read are like this..

Start 6.5 length
5 girth
Or start 7.23 length
5.15 girth

I could go on and on.. But my question is this: If the average guy is 5.5 length. Or 5.08 as one thread says here, then where are they on here?? Where are some testimonials?? Where are the guys who have gained and inch or 2 but were average or smaller than normal to begin with? Have any average guys reached the 8 inch length mark or 6 inch girth? WHERE ARE ALL THE 5 INCHERS??

I’m gonna be straight forward. I’m a small guy down there. I’m alittle over 5 inches in length and about 4 3/4 girth but not too sure how to measure that. I need to see some testimonials. I would love to have the size of some of your starting stats.
So for those who want to help me out maybe give us small guys some hope.. Please tell me some success stories.

Oh and for anyone who is willing to help me out.. What is the difference in Jelqing and stretching and which is more helpful? Honestly I would rather gain an inch or 2 down there then work on my girth after. Please give some advice for the Newbie.

Oh I’m a Christian and will be getting married probably in about 2 years.. Maybe less.. But me and my girlfriend want to save sex for marriage.. Which will give me a while to “make it bigger” for her. She’s so worth it. Please any advice or help will be really appreciated.

Hi there,

When I started NPE roughly two years ago my BPEL was just under 5 inches ( never measured girth until 6 months ago ). A month or two ago I measured myself at NBPEL 7.25x6.5 and had to pinch my self to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. In just under two years I’ve gained roughly 2.25” length and god knows how much in girth ( god I wish I measured it before I started ). It’s possible to make big gains it just takes alot of physical and mental commitment.

When I first started NPE I started off with an old PE manual that I found in a secondhand bookstore that had no cover or title page so I don’t know what it was called. It had pictures of John Holmes and other well hung pornstars demonstrating various different PE exercises. I chose one of the many routines from the book and started following it religiously. The routine mostly comprised of basic stretches, jelqing, and kegels. I still follow a slight variation of that routine to this day.

To answer your question about jelqing and stretching;

Most exercises in PE are variations of stretching and jelqing.

Stretching: mainly length exercises that lengthen your ligaments and tunica. They contributed quite a bit to my length gains for a while.From stretching alone you can get some OK results but you need to couple stretching with something like jelqing.

Jelqing: In my experience jelqing targets both length and girth. There were times were I didn’t stretch for months and just jelqed and gained in both departments. Jelqing affects numerious PEers in different ways, some only gaining girth whilst others just gain length and minimal girth. Jelqing is my favorite exercise and could go on about it and its’ benefits for a very..very..long time.

To finish off my ramblings Im going to talk about the mind. Your mental attitude can either make you or break you in PE. Many PEers are very pesamistic about PE and complain of little to no gains and give up, I didn’t see any gains for my first 12 months yet I stuck at it. Positive thinking has proved itself many times in war,sport, and of cause PE. Think positive and you WILL gain but of course you still need to exercise your penis until it cries and wants to go home. If you tell yourself that you are small everyday then you are going to stay small, minimizing your gains. Tell yourself that you are big, write it down, stick postits all over your house until you believe in your heart that you are big. The gains won’t come overnight but they will happen.

Just remember to stick at it even if you lose hope…stick at it. I have made large gains for myself but I won’t stop until I reach my ultimate goal. It way take six months, it may take six years but I WILL get there and so can you.

I hope this helps, and the very best to your future in PE

one_eyed_beast :)

There are all kinds of guys here - small, average, big. You are judging by their signatures even though many people don’t put their stats in their signatures. Check this out instead Penis Enlargement Statistics Site

and also check out poll section - the average size of Thunder members is around 6”.

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

Hey I started at about 5.75 NBPEL. Gains have been slow maybe about 1/8 to 1/4 but I definitely see flaccid increase. If there is one thing I got from reading most posts it is that patience is a big factor in PE.

Start Sept 2005 BPEL 6.00 EG 4.75 Dec 1 2005 BPEL 6.25 EG 4.75 Goal BPEL 7.50 EG 5.50

Hey, beginner, I want to emphasize how important it is to measure AND to take pictures.

It’s more than just for an ego boost later on. It also helps you with the mental aspects of PE. Visualization is important and seeing real, undeniable progress is a key ingredient.

Progress will be gradual and it may be easy to forget your starting point. Whenever I seem to feel that things aren’t moving forward, I whip out the ruler, or the tape measure, or look at my starting photos. Damn! I have made progress. And, I can see what an additional 1/4” would look like.

Measure it and photograph it. You will find that valuable.

04/05: BP 5-5/8" x 5-5/8"....08/05: BP 6-15/16" x 6".....09/05 - 11/05: Break........11/05: BP 6-7/8" x 6"....01/06: BP 7" x 6-1/8"

3/06: BP 7-1/8" x 6-1/4".....5/06: BP 7-1/4" x 6-1/4".....6/09: 7-3/8" x 6-1/4".......Goal: BP 8-1/2" x 6-1/2" or until I completely fill my wife

Yeah that’s very true, you may only gain a few mm for a while and as it’s such a gradual process you won’t really notice you’ve gained and the measurement may not sound much. However if you compare it to your starting picture you’ll find it’s actually more than you though.
It’ll really help you keep going if you start to feel a bit down about it.
Sorry to almost repeat the previous post but it is really important.

I started at 5.6NBPEL and am now 5.8NBPEL since I started in September. I began before joining the site after browsing for a month or so.
Although it’s not a massive gain there is a noticeable difference in flaccid length and erection strength.
Good luck with your exercises and get some pictures taken for your own sake!

Can anyone tell me why I can’t view yguy’s progress report please? I’m new here. Been aware of this site for a while but have been deciding whether or not to give this a shot.

en español te vale?

Hello. I come from the spanish side and my size is in my signature. Simply convert 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

I’m a 5 to 6 incher in three months!!!

Medidas Iniciales: 12,5 BP x 9,5 EG (Sep 2004)

Medidas Actuales: 16 BP x 11 EG (May 2005)

Beginner, hopefully you have realized there is a difference between bone pressed and non bone pressed length measurements (bp and nbp). If you are comparing your nbp measurement to others bp measurement, then you are cheating yourself. If guys don’t say, it is probably BP.

For me, that makes almost an inch of difference. I am 6.75 inches bone pressed, which doesn’t sound too bad, but when I look at myself I see an nbp of less than 6 and I still think of myself as less than 6, which drives me crazy.

There are a lot of different numbers for wht the true average length is, but I think the polls that show it around 6” are BP and the ones that say closer to 5 are nbp.

There is also the phenomena of polls where people are asked to report their length have bigger averages than the few studies which had an impartial measurer take the reading.

Horny Bastard

Yeah I’m agree with that!! You really wouldn’t notice the changes and progress! Hey to all doods

I started at only tiny size I may say!a very cutey!and I am proud to tell yah that I have a erect

4.5 in length and 4 in girth thats smaller to all of some have small dick!but after almost

2months my progress is really made me have a big smile that I began saying to my self that this PE is actually works and payout!now as I continue doing my PE I had a cute 5.3 erect length and 4.8 girth, I will continue till I reach my goal! Picture will help to see that you are really gaining little by little!try checking in front of mirror and see your reflected image of yourself and you will notice that you are realy gaining something!press on to all yah dude!

Dedication is the key. I started PE about 1 year ago with starting measurement of 5 inch bone press and 4.25 girth. I am Chinese and believed this is about average. I did not see any gain until about 2 months in the program. 6 months measurement is 6” BPEL and 4.75 Girth. Now 6.75 BPEL and 5.25 girth. Long stretching did not work too well but the Squeeze works very well. At first I am over training and can actually see decrease in size after 4 to 5 days straight. So now I do PE 3 days one 1 days off. This seems to work better. Also, certain lubricant makes a difference for me so experiment a bit. I also took a 2 months break and after restarting, I notice a big increase jump. I suggested to my wife that I about average compare to a Caucasian she simply said I am very big for a Chinese. I guest I’m not there yet, but I’ll be there! My current routine is 5 minutes warm-up, 5 minutes stretching (intense), 10 minutes of squeeze and jelq and 5 minutes warm-down. That’s it!

“Whatever your goals maybe, you will never achieve what you are unwilling to pursue”


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