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When you jelq 2-handed, what counts as "one" jelq?

When you jelq 2-handed, what counts as "one" jelq?

If you do a stroke by your left hand followed by one by your right hand, does that count as one or two jelqs? I’ve been counting it as two, because I didn’t want to overdo it.

Also, I constructed a rice-sock, and I noticed that when you nuke it up, a bit of water vapor comes out. Does this mean that the rice-sock is getting gradually cooked with each use? And since a microwave can only heat up things containing liquid, doesn’t this mean that over time, the rice sock gets more and more dry, until you eventually can no longer heat it up in the microwave?

Incidentally, I felt kind of weird about using a grain that could be used to feed hungry Bangladeshi orphans in order to enlarge my dick.

I count the left and one, the right as two. Good question though. It had never crossed my mind.

On the rice sock/microwave thing: is it possible the the rice re-hydrates itself using the humidity in the air? The science-minded types are laughing their asses off at us right now.

Doesn’t thinking about orphans cause you to lose any erection you might have had?

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

I don’t count my jelqs, I go by time - usually 10-15 minutes each set.

As far as I know, a microwave will humidify whatever you cook. Thats why a lot of food comes out soggy when you microwave it. But I’m sure that the rice in a rice-sock will dry out over time and won’t retain heat for as long.

A microwave won’t actually humidify what you cook. The reason food comes out soggy is because the wavelength chosen primarily excites water molecules. The air is totally unheated by the microwaves. The heated water rises in the food, but then it reaches the cool air and condenses on the surface of the food, leading to soggy pizza. When you’re cooking with a stove or oven, everything gets heated, including the air, so the water evaporates away.

As for the rice sock, if you were to heat it long enough, it should lose its internal moisture, but when it’s not heated, it should also absorb water from the atmosphere (assuming the concentration of water in the rice is less than atmospheric partial water vapor pressure and that vapor pressure laws even apply to rice). The determinant is how much water the rice usually holds compared to the atmosphere, and at what rate the rice absorbs it. My guess is that the rice will eventually dry out, but it might be a good long while. I personally used a rice sock for half a year before changing the rice.

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