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when using the PE device...what do you all think?

when using the PE device...what do you all think?

Hey everyone,

When using the PE device, I’m just wondering if it matters on how you use it and if one way would contribute to better resultsor does it even matter. For instance if you use the PE device and pull upwards (towards the ceiling), or pull straight out, or pull straight down (towards the floor)? My question is if one way is better, or if there is one way I should be focusing on more, or should I be doing all 3 directions in my routine…the reason is because I can feel a difference with all 3 directions and I’m not sure which technique would be best. Hopefully some of you’s can share some thought on this and let me know what you think.

PE Device?


First welcome to T’s place. When you say PE device, I assume you are talking about the Super JelQ Can lifter, pipe insulation thingy. Yes, I would say pull in all directions. Wherever you feel resistance is probably doing you good. What you really need is to establish your LOT and work mostly in that direction. Read about Bib’s LOT theory on the Hangers Forum and go from there. Feel free to PM me if I can help in any way.

Good Luck

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