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When to stop

When to stop

I’ve been doing the Newbie routine for two weeks now. I noticed while jelking that the glans started to turn blue so I immediately stopped. I have been very careful to avoid injury and would really like some advise from experienced guys out there on how to avoid injury long term! Are there warning signs during a jelqing or stretching session that it’s time to stop? What are these? I want to try and ramp up my jelqing time and/or intensity but I want to avoid injury if at all possible!

Could you explain in a little more detail?

Your penis is literally turning blue? Way too much force.

Two weeks in? Take it slow. You’re penis needs to adapt to the new stresses you’re putting on it.

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Originally Posted by grower101
…the glans started to turn blue so I immediately stopped. Are there warning signs…

I want to try and ramp up my jelqing time and/or intensity…

Stopping is good. Reverse engineer a bit. Are there warning signs? What exactly have you been feeling just before you dick turns blue? Do you have circulation problems in general? How is your over all health and when was the last time you had a physical? As much info as you can give will help the guys to help you.

Considering the fact that you dick has been turning blue perhaps now is not the time to ramp up your routine! :smack: Back off on the intensity until your dick stops turning blue for starters. :rolleyes: One of the best strategies for long term gains is to not have injuries. Please be very careful with this.

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Here’s some more details on the discoloration. Last night I was jelking for about 5 to 7 minutes and I noticed a dark blue patch on the underside of the head of my penis. It was very similar to the color of a bruise. It seems like blood was perhaps trapped up in the head. I stopped immediately and jumped in the shower. After my shower the discoloration was gone and I had no pain or discomfort. It is now the next day and I have no pain or discomfort. Morning wood was good which is a positive PI. Is this common during jelking? Does this mean I should stop?

Advice from you experienced guys would be very helpful. I want to continue PE and want to achieve gains but wish to stay on the safe side. During a PE session how does one know “when” to say “when”? Are there indicators within a session that indicate it’s time to stop or you may injure yourself?

My experience— in the beginning PE will expose any weakness you have in a blood vessel. They will break, bruise, clog up, etc. One of mine got all blocked up and caused pain whenever I performed PE. Over time, all of these problems went away. Today I PE like crazy with only a few red spots— nothing major.

I say keep after it but use common sense regarding pain, etc.

Thanks for your advice guys. I would really appreciate some additional advice from experienced PErs!! If the head of my penis turns dark blue like a bruise while jeking is it OK to continue or time to stop? So far I’ve stopped when it happens and haven’t had any negative side effects or negative PI’s. I’d really like to amp up or at least continue my routine so please offer your opinions!! When PEing how do you know when to stop?? Please HELP guys!

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