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When to start clamping

When to start clamping

Hey everyone, I’m on my 3rd week of PE and am really enjoying the whole routine of things, I’m already noticing a little bit better EQ. I’m waiting for the 1 month mark to measure again.

Anyways, girth is more of my main goal than length at the moment. I understand that clamping is a good way to increase girth, but when should I start being able to safely clamp?


You must finish the newbie routine first before trying anything else. Generally it is not recommended to start clamping without at least 6 months of conditioning. I personally started after 5 months, but I eased into it with 3x5 minutes 3 times a week. It’s been a month since I started and now I’m at 3x8 minutes 4 times a week, planning to keep it that way for some time. Generally, you should listen to your penis and decide for yourself whether you’re ready or not, but don’t do it before finishing newbie routine. Also remember that clamping may slow down length gains for a lot of people.

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I concur with UpTo7. I certainly agree that it’s important to listen to your penis. Unfortunately a lot of newbies think they’re hearing, “I’ve got to get really big, really fast. Do a lot of advanced exercises right away. I’m ready!” Take your time, do it right, and enjoy the journey.

Swifty, what are your stats?

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Ah okay thanks guys

I’m 6.24 BPEL and 4.5 EG, so you can sorta see why I wanna increase my girth hah.

Clamping is an advanced exercise, I would not approach it for several months.

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Why try running before learning how to walk?

Originally Posted by marinera
Why try running before learning how to walk?

Very true!

“Take your time and try not to think about the dinner when you are just taken your breakfast”

PE require a lot of reading, patient and time

I fell in love with clamping but realised that it was going to hamper length gains, so I haven`t clamped for two weeks or so, and I think I`m beginning to get length again.

I am really resisting measurement until july 1st so that I can say with certaintly that the clamping was interfering, but I don`t want more girth until I pass 7 inches in length.

Originally Posted by a-unit
I don`t want more girth until I pass 7 inches in length.

Very good point; one goal at the time.

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