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When to start clamping

When to start clamping

It’s been about 3 weeks since I started PE.

Started a little over 6.8” BPEL (could’ve been closer to 6.9”, didn’t have a ruler over 6.5” so I was eyeballing) now I’m a little over 7.1” BPEL (got me a proper ruler).

Girth hasn’t really increased an appreciable amount though.

Because of this, I was wondering when I should start throwing in clamping sessions. I’m going for another week (until week 4) then I’m gonna take a 5 day break before I start my second month. Should I finish a second 4 weeks before even thinking about clamping? Should I experiment? Just looking for some advice, thanks.

Give the newbie routine a few months for your dick to get a bit more conditioned and to give it the chance to do it’s thing before moving on. I’ve always preached that slow and steady wins this race. Ask any of the vets here. I know the temptation for quick gains is there but most people get the quickest gains from the newbie routine in the first months of PE’ing. Plus you don’t want to hurt yourself, thereby forcing you to take a break and then having to start all over again or giving up on what you set out to do - grow a big ass dick.

Clamping puts extreme pressure on your dick and if it’s not ready for it you will injure yourself. Especially after three weeks.

That said - Welcome to Thunders. There’s some really good guys in here with some really good knowledge to pass on. Good luck!

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Most would say dont start clamping until youve done at least 3 months of the newbie routine.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

So you joined 5 years ago and started 3 weeks ago. I think in 5 years you could have read every thread posted here!

Do the newbie routine for 3 months. Clamping is not for newbies. You have only one penis to work with. If you injure yourself this
early in the program, it would not be a good start. Clamping is advanced PE, your unit is not ready for it after only 3 weeks.

When you are sure you can’t gain anymore with a manual routine, try pumping. When you are sure pumping is not working anymore, try clamping. This, in my humble opinion, is the smart way.

Thanks, you guys’ posts confirm my beliefs (and what I’ve read from others.. Just wanted to CONFIRM confirm). I’ll stick with the newbie routine for at least 2 more 4 week sessions after this 4 week session is up, then assess the situation from there ;)

Thanks again.

I have also read a lot about not starting clamping to early. I have started the clamping routine recently after 8 months of doing the newbie routine and I have no hurting problems.

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