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When to give up/How to decide

When to give up/How to decide

When testing out whether a particular routine/exercise is working, when would be a good time to switch it up,given that its not working. eg.3,6,9 months?

Also, in the testing period, I’ve read that if one routine/exercise isn’t working out, one should not give up on that angle of approach, and rather do a different but similar routine/exercise. Your thoughts? Give up completely and try new one or try a new angle of attack?

Those are two rather difficult questions to answer.

Some people gains quickly and others gain slowly. I always used a one month period to evalutate my routine and if it wasn’t performing well I’d switch it around a bit. In the period of using a routine you should be able to tell whether its having some good effect by how much you need your rest days. The other thing to think about is whether you are performing your routine with the same vigour one month to the next. If you are just going through the motions you might need to switch it around a bit just to keep your own interest. Certainly in two months you should be able to see some difference.

In terms of switching the exercise or switching the angle of attack on an exercise: If you are 100% sure you are doing an exercise as well as it is possible to do and it gets you nowhere then maybe its worth trying another, if you think you can improve your take on it then go for that but I ould think you’ll be doing that all the time anyway. Just jelqing can take many months to get right and you can then improve it even when you know exactly what you are doing (and probably because of that).

I hope that helps.

A good way to gauge how well a particular exercise is going for you is to measue FBPSL (flaccid bone pressed strecthed length). I measure this every day to determine whether I’m being effective or not. Any growth will occur with this measurement first, and carry over to erect length over continuation of the exercise. Good luck!


Holy shit!! Which direction are you talking about? I hope not straight down. And how flaccid are you talking about?Totally flaccid?


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