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When to Expect Gains.


I have another question. When you make gains, how do you solidify them or make them permanent?

By continuing to make gains. Some people can stop and not lose a millimeter. Others will have to perform a maintenance routine for a while. Others will have to perform a maintenance routine indefinitely. But in the latter two situations, its likely only a fraction of what was gained is likely to be ‘uncemented’, but everyone’s different.

Measure more, You may still have some more inches hidden :D

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Hahaha @ whynotbig.

No, I think I found all of it. The rest will have to come from stretching and jelqing.

Thanks for that info, Tweaking.

I really appreciate the members (no pun intended) on this forum. I see a lot of helpful and informative posts and responses. You guys have a great little community going here.


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