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When to change

When to change

Hello Guys! I’m quite new here, started like 1 month ago and my question to you all is when is the time to change the routine?

I do like this:

5 min warm up, hot towel.
5 min stretch, all angles
200 jelqs
5 min hot towel.

I’ve done this for like one month, and I might gained some girth. When shall I extend my stretch and jelqs? And when shall I start with Extenders or Clambers? Or should I even do that?


I would keep going for another 2 months then change the routine.

I would forget trying to reach 200 Jelqs and go more by time, say 15-20 mins nice and slow.

You could use and extender or Monty’s PE weights. Clamping I would say no to for a long time.

Change when you no longer gain. The longer you stick with the newbie routine the higher you chances will be of obtaining accelerated gains with the strenuous exercises.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

Okey thanks guys! But to gain length, whats the best mode to do that? With extenders and weights or?

The newbie routine is designed for you to gain length.

There are many of us that gained on the newbie routine. I gained my first full inch in length just from stretching and jelqing. So, as others have said. There is no need at this time to worry about other methods if you are able and willing to do a routine centered around the newbie routine.

I personally think extenders and Monty’s weights are only good for keeping your dick extended after hanging or stretching as an ads. If length is your goal then work more on stretches and after a while when you feel conditioned enough try hanging.

You are only doing part of the newbie routine, which is ok. The idea is to start slowly and work up to the max in the newbie routine. Do this over three four months. Stay with that until you are not getting increases for two or three months. PE is a long journey and it takes patience.

Take care and happy gains,

4Foreskin ;)

Ok thank you guys! So far I think my girth gain is the most positive. I have measured just eye watch :) But I would like to see the length increase too :p Shall I do the 2 days on 1 off? And can I stretch a little the off days to increase the stretching? What do you think?


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