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When Stretching Fatigues...

When Stretching Fatigues...

I have done the standard newbie routine and have always had a problem with fatigued erections which do not allow me to have a good jelq session.

Been jelquing off an on for over a year, but unable to find consistant and routine because of privacy issues…Now that’s not a problem.

I’ve read up on all the benefits of stretching and I want lenght as much as girth. What can anyone recommend?

My routine started as this.

5 min warm wrap
5 min stretching (30 second in five positions, so a minute for each total)
20-30 minute jelq
5 min warm wrap
70 kegls

This was done roughly every other day for a month.

Now I’ve dropped the stretching and I’m just jelquing with the warm wraps and kegls.

I want to take this slow and I’m being patient. Havent seem much in gains since a month started. My erections are kind of weak today so I going to take the weekend off. I know I’m not overdoing it with the jelquing, and I’ve stopped the stretching, but I had a “shock” 45 minute jelq session yesterday so that may explain the weak erection today.

I want to get to a point where I PE sesssions are counting and not wasting time. I never feel sore, except today when I kegled I felt a soreness on the lower right handside of my penis.

Basically, I’m going for length and girth…i’ve read that some people focus on one and then the other…I’m not totally new to this as far as trial and error, but I still want to find out how I can include stretches without getting fatigued. I can do a good BTC stretch.

Also, my LOT is at 7:30-8:00.

Any advice would be greatly apprecitated.

Thanks in advance.

Just bumping to see if anyone has an opinion…Thanks

Maybe you should try dry jelquing, when I last evening did dry jelquing, I had “good” erection for a 40 minutes or so and I could have done more and more, but I wanted to get some sleep… If I do wet jelquing I´ve some problems with having a “good” erection.

Does someone know if dry jelquing is more effective than wet jelquing?

I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman!

If you’ve been doing every other day for over a year now I think you need to start stringing some days together. Try going 3 or 4 on and 1 off, this will allow you to build off the previous days workout. You will see better results with this. Your dick is already conditioned and will allow for more stress.

Like others have mentioned, you need to get a solid routine involving at least 3 days in a row with no more than one day off. It’s that simple :)

I should have been more clear…I’ve jelqed on and off for over a year, but never anything consistant. I have not done any kind of routine until three weeks ago…Thus, I’m probably conditioned more than most newbies, and I do intend to string days together starting next week, however, I’m still having trouble with stretching b/c I must be stretching with too much force…My erections are too weak to get a good 60-70% erection for a good jelq session…I’ll string the days together next week.

Based on that do you have anymore suggestions and thanks for the responses submitted already!!

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