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When should I do the first measurement

When should I do the first measurement

Hi Guys.

I`m doing the newbie routine for 3 months. Should I do the first measurement? How often do you guys do it?



I just started PE but I think lot of guys here do measurement each month.

27/08/2013 : - NBPEL : 16.5 cm BPEL: 17.5 cm EG: 14.5 cm

Goal : BPEL : 19 cm !! And EG: 15 cm.

This is going to sound smart ass but measure before you start or as soon as possible so you have a baseline to compare to. Second thing. Measure whenever you feel like it but take into account things like position and level of EQ. I think once a month is a fair time frame.

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Of course I`ve measured before I started PE. Next week I will do it again! Wish me luck! Hahahaha

I did it every week in the beginning but now i am too lazy to do that.

STATS: BPEL-7.5 EG-5.6 BG-5.8 -- MT Goal reached

Goal: 8 x 5.75

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Measure several times until you get consistent results. Be careful with how you do it and try to make a consistent method (angle, same ruler etc.). My initial measurements were done hastily and as a result, I’m quite unsure of what my gains have been. That said, it will never be a black and white thing since temperature, eq, even hydration can affect measurements so you won’t always get consistent results. You’re also going to be biased to the more favorable measurements, so you might do something wrong on one measurement and then swear you’ve lost gains even though you haven’t.

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