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When is it ready


Originally Posted by fourofakind
Since you seem to have been beating your unit up for some time now.. You may, in fact, be plenty conditioned. However, if you have been beating your unit up, you may not yet know when too much is too much —> thus “advanced” exercises may be dangerous for other reasons.

As any newbie I want to bring it to the brinks of tearing it off, but I love my cock too much. I’m taking it slow and cautious.. Nothing “dangerous” for now. Thanks for the effort ;) but it seems I’m back to square one

8x6 inshallah

Well keep reading and learning and you will find something that works for you. Also ask for help if you need it. Goodluck.

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thank you, I will! ;)

8x6 inshallah

Originally Posted by BosnianDing
I’ve seen none. I do:

2-3 mins warm-up
5 mins stretching all directions
20-25 mins dry jelq with the occasional squeeze
2-3 mins stretch
Warm down

Approx 5 on 1 off

This is a new routine if you so care to try.

5-10 minute warm ups, warm ups are very important! They get you conditioned to start stretching.
5-10 minutes in all directions, but hold it out a bit and keep it held out during the entire stretch.
20-25 min of slow wet or dry jelqs 3-5 seconds than as you come to near the end of your routine and your nice and jelqed out. Do this for 5-10 seconds.
Kegals 50-100
Warm down 5-10 minutes

Throughout the day do kegals when your flaccid as well.

Do this for two days, take a rest day.
Or you can do one day on and one day off.

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this isn’t too different from what I’m actually doing. I listened to your advice about JELQING SLOOOOW a few days back and I started doing this. They take 5-10 seconds now and I’m doing them 70-80% erect. I also stretch more now and throw in an occasional few minutes of Uli’s. I get instant girth growth from ulis (approx. 0,5cm) which is a good sign I guess.

Also I heard that rest days for stretching are counterproductive… is this true? I’ve been thinking about a routine 1 day stretch and jelq and the next just stretch.

8x6 inshallah

I am still a newbie But have had a little bit of experience. I did newbie routine for 1 month, Then started Hanging. I feel there is nothing wrong with this IF you read up about hanging. The whole key to hanging is to hang as much weight WITHOUT pain. If you do that, And wrap correctly, I personally feel there is no danger to someone hanging after the newbie routine. I have already put on 3/4 of an inch I feel from hanging. Don’t think I had any gains from the newbie routine and started with a LOT of 7. And my gains came within a month and a half. Soo.. Give hanging some thought, Do some research on it, Read up about how to do it safely, And go get your gains. Personally I think my hanging routine is 1 of the best gaining for length routines there is. Thats my opinion though.


Originally Posted by gone620
Personally I think my hanging routine is 1 of the best gaining for length routines there is. Thats my opinion though.


Let us in :D

8x6 inshallah

Found it :D Huge Gains

8x6 inshallah


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