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When Does A Jelq Become A Squeeze

When Does A Jelq Become A Squeeze

I’ve been jelqing and pumping for almost a year, on and off. Two months ago I started stretching and jelqing regularly, having laid off the pump due to a blister I got from a bit of a clamping trial.

I gained a bit last year when I started but not a whole lot since, and I don’t feel jelqing does a whole lot for me. So last week I started squeezes during my jelqing. I do 100 gradually increasing pressure and then get erect and start squeezes, which I slowly jelq to the head. One 10-20 second squeeze followed by 10 jelqs with kegels, then another squeeze. What a difference it makes! I really feel the pressure and can see some serious expansion.

I’m still afraid of the clamp due to the blisters I got previously but I don’t think I need that for now, the pressures I get with the squeezes are incredible. I’ve done them for a week and everything is fine, so I guess these are safe for me?

I’d say you’re fine, as long as that blister is healed.

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