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When do you change your routine?

When do you change your routine?

I started PE at the end of 2012 and since then I have only done manual exercises (stretching, jelking). I don’t intend to change this, I want to stick to manual exercises. I gained about 1 cm in the first 5 months, but nothing after that. I do believe that I have increased the intensity too fast as from 6 months (longer stretching, jelking at higher erection levels etc), although my sessions never took longer than 30 minutes (stretching and jelking combined). That’s why I took a 3 month break as from October 2013.

I restarted in January with very low intensity, i.e. about 7-8 min stretching (all directions with some A and V stretches near the end) in the morning, and about 10min jelking at low erection level in the evening. This is still lower intensity than the routine that produced my gains back in the time. PIs are good, but no measurable gains at this stage.

I really want to avoid making the same mistake as previously. How long would you recommend to stick to this routine, before changing it. When thinking about changing, I’m mainly thinking about either increasing the length of the exercises, or focussing more on fulcrum stretches.

I’m primarily targetting length, but will be happy with girth gains that come along the way.

What are your thoughts on this?

That’s a really good question. I’ve sadly never been consistent long enough to have to worry about that sort of thing. I mean I do minor variations rather than changing entire strategies. I think it’s good to keep things mixed up a little bit.

Start (Oct 2010) NBPEL: 5, BPEL: 5.875 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.25 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

(November 2013) NBPEL: 5.875, BPEL: 6.625 inches, BASE GIRTH: 5.625 inches, MID GIRTH: 5

Goal NBPEL(7-7.5)xMEG(5.5-6) (journal)

What i like to do is build a routine, do it for 1 month and see if i got any gains. If i didnt, i dont change the core but change other things like time, reps or days off. I really like this approach cause i can then analyze really well what was working for me for future routine builds.

Just my two cents.

Burn that tunica!

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