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When did you.

When did you.

Just wondering when you guys started to notice you could fill your woman up? Because I’m at 5.5 Eg and I feel like I’m a little too small in girth. I just started to clamp and work on girth. I’m going for as much girth as I can get. I feel like girth is alot more important than length. I’m at over 7.5 ebp which is pretty good for now. On a side note how many fingers can you fit in your woman before she can’t take any more?


sorry to say, but I really don’t understand your problem here. 7.5” in length and 5.5” in girth. Damn, that’s enough for more than 99% of all women.

I am about 6.5” in length and somewhere between 5.2-5.5” in girth and I don’t happen to have any problems, least in girth. Perhaps your girlfriend is built a little bigger. But the average woman, I need to push him in with a little force.

So, begin to understand that you are really really big!!! And more than adequate for more than 99% of all women.

Hey haqss, I had the same problem. I hit the 5.5 mark and still didn’t feel I was filling my SO. She is petite and only 5’5”, but she can take a thick cock. :( I had her start doing kegels and I can already tell the difference. Tell her to start kegeling. There is a thread here by CrazyLady where she tells of a kegeling machine for women. It looks really cool. I hope to one day convince my wife to get it.

Oh, I can fit three in my SO pretty comfortably (almost all the way down to the bottom knuckle :morose: ). Never tried 4.

Kegels, man, kegels.


Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
Every woman is different.

Yep,I agree.
Even in the Kamasutra it’s says that there are many types of woman like:

The Chitrini or Art woman;
The Shankhini or Conch woman, and the Hastini or Elephant woman.

The perfect “coitus” it’s obtained founding that particullary “type” of woman that you can fit perfectly.

Good luck;)

Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
Every woman is different.

Thats my answer

And a true answer it is. But it doesn’t help haqss with his dilema. If you’re going to answer at least try to help him out. :D


My wife had a weak bladder problem as a teen-ager, her gyno convinced her to kegel “as a way of life”. :) She’s been faithfully doing it for 20 some years. Now, after two kids, at 34 yrs old, I swear she’s tighter than any chick I ever had in high school, or the rest of my life. Her PC muscle is so well developed that she can literally kegel and squeeze me into orgasm without me even moving. I can just sit there, she starts squeezing, and it’s like a vice. It’s pretty amazing.

RTG has good advice. Get her to start doing kegels man! It can make a huge difference.

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Thanks for all the replys. I have already got her started on kegels and I hope it will work wonders. I started to clamp but I still want some length. I guess ill get a 6 Eg and then take a nice little break and start doing stretchs again and try to hit my end goal of 8.5 elbp and 6.5 Eg.


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